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Is It Easy To Manage Twitter?



This might come by as a surprise for many, but it is actually very easy to manage Twitter. You should be consistent and follow a few tips to manage your Twitter profile efficiently and gain more followers in no time. More than any other social media platform, this is one platform which ensures that there are no discrepancies involved. Even Twitter takes the onus and blocks all those accounts which do not go by their norm. That being said, the task on the users’ part becomes pretty simple. All you need to do is get some good tools and learn how to use them. Using these tools is like a cheat method and it guarantees that you do not have much of a hard time. Afterall, using Twitter should be a fun experience and not a pain.

You may follow the below mentioned tips to manage your Twitter profile easily:

  1. Use ‘Pin to Profile’ Feature:

Why use tools for Twitter at all?

One thing can be referred to from this that most people do not know how to use the platform easily and hence confer it as difficult. When you use a tool for it, automatically the process becomes a cakewalk. There is also a high possibility that you want to set a base for yourself on Twitter. In such cases these tools become like your backbone.

There is a myriad of these however Twitonomy, Social Rank and Circleboom are the best of the lot. You can also find many people who have posted review on these tools on the web and can get a fair idea out of it. The need might be stronger if you are managing the social media account of any big brand or company. In that case the following base is usually pretty large and there is even a commercial aspect attached to it. Once you make sure how to use these tools, the process becomes easier.

Some easy tricks for managing Twitter:

Some of the best tips to remember while using Twitter Include:

  • Learn the basics: This is very important as the basics do not change that often. Hence when you first open an account try to cover topics like how to delete old tweets or how to know which hashtags are trending.
  • Give a little bit of time everyday: Instead of leaving your account dysfunctional for days and then getting back to it, it is best that you devote a little bit of time every day. This helps you understand how the scenario is and also your accounts stay up to date.
  • Focus on quality: There are people who post a lot every day, but most of them do not make any sense. Hence to avoid that try to post only those which are of good quality. As it is, the word limit provided is quite crisp. Try to fit in the information which is most relevant.
  • Keep track on Twitter Analytics: Keeping track on the engagement via Twitter analytics can be helpful for deciding what type of tweets are working best for your audience. You may opt to delete irrelevant old tweets to have a perfect Twitter profile.

Once you have garnered a good following focus on maintaining the same. Using Twitter tools like Circleboom are of great help. There are some online reviews available online that will help you understand how it works.

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