Is Rudraksha Sold By Rudraksha Lovers Lab Tested?



We had a request from thousands of people who are asking us to ask Rudraksha lovers about their lab testing and other checking methods so we are finally here with our new article which way describes Rudraksha lovers’ lab testing facilities and some other important facilities given by them you can check the result by reading the down section easily.

Rudraksha Lovers’ Lab Testing Facilities 

Rudraksha lovers first collect rudraksha from Nepal and Indonesia then, clean it and check it by themself and then send every Rudraksha for a CT scanning report. 

But if someone wants a proper report from IGL company then it will be paid otherwise the other company CT scanning reports are free because IGL is the most expensive company which takes 1200 for each and every rudraksha check-up and Rudraksha lovers cell 300 to 400 Rudraksha and it is not possible for them to do IGL report so you have to pay them 1200 so they can give you IGL report.

What’s IGL?

IGL is the most interesting and most famous company which is not a Government company that makes rudraksha certificates in which they describe the rudraksha originality and which kind of rudraksha it is.

Rudraksha Lovers Other Originality Testing 

After lab testing they perform these tests and then send it for activation and Prana Prathista Process, these tests are done by their team and if a rudraksha passes 3 of it then it is ok to go.

Rudraksha Lovers give their 100%, so the user doesn’t get any problem with anything.

  • Water Method 

The water method is the simplest and easiest method which can also be checked at your home in which you have to take your rudraksha and put it in the water. 

If the rudraksha sinks then rudraksha is original and if it doesn’t sink then it is not original.

  • Milk Method 

In a milk test, you have to put your rudraksha above milk and if it starts rotating then it is real but if it is stable then it is fake.

  • Copper Coin Method 

You have to take 2 copper coins and put rudraksha between them. 

If the rudraksha is moving or vibrating then the rudraksha is real but if it doesn’t move then you should send it for a lab test or other methods.

  • Density Check 

In this test, you have to take 4 liquids whose density is higher or simpler to water, like milk, 

  1. In milk, the rudraksha will sink.
  2. In oil, the rudraksha will sink. 
  3. In honey, the rudraksha will not even sink and not even float, it will stay half inside and half outside, etc.
  • Boiling Test

In a boiling test, you simply put your rudraksha between boiling water. 

If the rudraksha breaks in 10 to 20 seconds then the rudraksha is fake but if it survives over 25 to 36 seconds then it is real.

(Note: make sure you take off your rudraksha after 28 seconds.)

Our Opinion Towards Rudraksha Lovers Quality Check Levels 

We talked to Rudraksha Lovers on their rudraksha consultation, it was a very good experience with them because they were pleasantly answering each question and giving us deeper information. 

We liked the way they described their other testing options there are 2 other steps and after all of that your rudraksha reaches you.


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