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CSV to QuickBooks

Now say bye to old tradition manual method of transferring Company data file to QuickBooks. Now save your time by importing CSV to QuickBooks as it can shift your entire data file in one go. It is not in a format of  Microsoft Excel but a format of a simple text file which is used by excel to display its spreadsheet not in Excel format. In QuickBooks you can import excel files and CSV files into its program. But for this a plugin is to be downloaded and installed which will help you a lot in importing CSV to QuickBooks.

You need to first download then install CSV tool kit and QuickBooks import excel and in the third step you are required to import CSV in QuickBooks.

Let us have a short review on what actually CSV is

  • A simple text file having data in tabular format.
  • A comma is placed to separate each field of the file.
  • The format of CSV is mostly supported by spreadsheets.
  • Text editor like Notepad can be used for creating and editing CSV files.

In this article we will learn how to download, install and import CSV to QuickBooks.

Step 1: Download CSV tool kit and QuickBooks import excel

If you have a QuickBooks desktop version you are required to download CSV Tool kit and QuickBooks import Excel on your windows. And if you are Mac user then it is not for you. Once you download you will get an instructional guide in PDF format consisting

  • A folder having Four example CSV files
  • A folder having Four example excel files (XLS file)
  • Documentary telling the fields related to CSV and the fields related to Excel Import.

Step 2: Install the CSV tool kit and QuickBooks import excel which was downloaded in step 1

In the next step let us quickly discuss how to install the CSV tool kit and QuickBooks import excel. The CSV tool kit and QuickBooks import excel that you have downloaded must be located in the download folder of your window. You need to open that folder to install the CSV tool kit. When you double click on it, installation process gets started. You can choose any folder where you require to save the installed tool kit on your computer. Finally there is a need to click ok to get save the tool kit in the folder you choose.

The installed tool kit is to be opened in win zip to extract the files and content. After extracting the files and folder, you are required to close the win zip folder.

Now open the installed excel of QuickBooks Import & CSV tool kit and save it in the location of your choice.

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Step 3 Import CSV i.e. Comma Separated Value

Finally in this step you need to import the CSV file which we all are waiting for long. But how it is to be done in QuickBooks. Keep some more patience. The method we are telling you is not that difficult as it seems. You first download the CSV file then you install the CSV file then extracting of files and folders in win zip is also to be done by you. Now we have come to import the Comma Separated Value (CSV) in QuickBooks.

Let us follow some easy steps:

  • Banking menu is to be selected.
  • Upload transactions manually or update drop down menu is to be chosen.
  • File Upload is to be clicked and the location is to be browse thereafter where the file is saved.
  • You need to choose the account to import in QuickBooks.
  • Next is to be clicked thereafter to make the data get matched with data to be imported, map the fields and click on to next.
  • CSV files are to be chosen for import. Click on to next then click on to yes for the notification to appear on your screen showing the amount data you are going to import. Once all get done, click on to finish.
  • On your download transactions window now you can see a list of imported transactions from CSV file.

We hope you find this article suitable. However if you want to import bank transactions, credit card transactions, summary of accounts, customer or vendor list, same approach can be used as used for importing CSV in QuickBooks.

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