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Know These Things While You Hire a Magician



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Have plans to hire an entertainer? Before, you hire one, regardless of any type, keep these important tips in your mind so that your party or event becomes unforgettable and your guest remembers it over a long time.

Warning Signs

Whenever your corporate clients look for multiple magicians or digital magician, make sure to hire magicians and put them under one contract. Also observe these warning signs –

Is their pricing too low?

When it comes to hiring an entertainer, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Pricing is also a big concern. Very low pricing is also not good for you. Remember a world-class entertainer can make or break the ice.

No online presence

If the person you are hiring is simply not serious enough to put up a website, then he or she is also not serious enough to work with at your events. The performers these days leaves no online place to make their presence.

No Videos

It is obvious that no magician will show you the entire videos. But at a minimum you should be able to see any interview or highlighted video.

Getting an Accurate Quote

There’s a huge costing difference between a banquet show and a close-up show. It is not possible for a professional entertainer to give you an accurate quote unless he or she knows the exact requirement. You have to be specific and in case if you don’t know what you want, arrange a phone call.   

Understand the terms & conditions

It is important to know their charges, if is there any hidden charge. Always take the quotes in written to avoid any future issues. Make sure no confusion remain between you and your client.

Provide all the essential details

The essential details like type of performance, length of event, and audience size should be provided in order to check if schedule is flexible or not.

Choose the best magician for your next event

If you have successfully hired an entertainer, now comes the crucial part-

Conversation over call – Your reputation is one the line which means you need to speak up. Be it your home event or office, the first thing you need is to judge someone’s character. Have a conversation of just 5 minutes can change your future hassle.

Choose your best of 5 – You may receive dozens of quotes but no need to waste your time on random people. Make a list of pricing and styles to choose from, without getting confusing.

See Videos – Never hire a magician without watching his or her performance video. Maybe you want someone who’s funny. Maybe you want someone who’s serious.

Still thinking, how to search a perfect magician

Google and other search engines – The popular search engines like Google and Bing will help you in finding an ample number of magicians. This will enable you to instantly visit webpages, contact the performers, read reviews and some of the videos.

See if geography matters

You can take the help of search engine experts to become locally searchable. By doing this, you can be visible in the eyes of all those who are looking for you. The best magicians tend to live near Delhi, and its nearby parts.

You should know your requirement

What kind of magician do you need? Are you searching for experienced corporate event entertainment or kids’ entertainment? Be specific with your requirement and online search.

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