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Know What Kind of Kitchen would Suit Your Home the Best with this Ultimate Kitchen Guide




Kitchen has always been a place that people kept hidden at the back of their homes for ages. But, now, kitchens have become a place that people want to flaunt the most. It has become a place where not only delicious food is cooked, but where your sense of seeing beauty and overall aesthetic taste are showcased. We practically start our days from the kitchen itself. This particular space brings everyone together and builds relationships. This beautiful yet warm and cosy place becomes the centre of every home, invariably. So, it appears they don’t call it the heart of every household for no reason.

Now, the world has gone through a lot of change with time. People changed, their requirements also changed, and in order to cope with this new order, the kitchens have also changed. From the back of households, they came a long way, to the very fore or center of the homes. They get a lot of focus on themselves now.


As the world got exposed to a technological boom in every single aspect, they did not keep it away from kitchen appliances either. Plain, simple yet technologically advanced kitchens are becoming the new favorite of everyone. But, to have these technological appliances at disposal, the built of the kitchen has to be very efficient, so that it goes hand in hand with the look and the feel. If the build and the appliances are not kept in balance, the kitchen may look cluttered and clumsy. So, it is very important to know the kitchen types first in order to make it work more efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest yet very convenient kitchen layouts —

L-shaped kitchen

This kitchen looks like the English letter ‘L’. It has one wall that consists of the stove, the sink and the cabinets. And on the other side which stays open, it has the counter and a space for the the refrigerator. It is a very efficient kitchen type that suits almost every home.

Parallel Kitchen

As the name suggests, a parallel kitchen design contains two counters that face each other and a narrow floor space, as compared to other kitchen layouts. They have the maximum storage capacity in both upper and lower cabinets. However, the only drawback of the parallel kitchen design is that it is not meant for smaller homes.

Island Kitchen

This is the dream kitchen of everyone. A kitchen with maximum floor space and an island type counter that is unconnected to the main space is what everyone longs for. They offer a lot of storage space and a fancy counter which can be used as the dry/wet section, prep section, breakfast counter or even bar.

G-shaped Kitchen

This particular kitchen layout is similar to that of the island kitchen, but it is connected to the main space of the home. They have similar storage capacity and floor space. So basically, a G-shaped kitchen has all the goodness of the island kitchen but with a room area that is connected to it.

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