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Know Why Aussies Love Green Tea with Covid-19 Aftermath



Know Why Aussies Love Green Tea with Covid-19 Aftermath

Drinking tea is like a solution to every problem. Whether you are tired of those busy meetings at work or want to cherish your mood after a hectic day, a tea can never go wrong. But how about if you change the flavour of the tea? Yes, you heard it right. The market is filled with a lot of new tea flavours, and green tea is no exception.

Before you get ahead and buy green tea online in Australia, you need to know that It is widely used throughout Asia, but by knowing its benefits, now the consumption is at a global level. Moreover, China is the source of the origin of green tea. Why is green tea more beneficial than other tea blends? Green tea avoids the fermentation process, which is not in the case of black tea. This is why green tea contains a maximum amount of antioxidants & essential substances (like polyphenols, etc.). 

During the pandemic, consumption of green tea has increased as it acts as an immune booster. WHO (World Health Organization) recommended taking various safety measures to prevent COVID-19. Doctors suggest taking a natural diet that contains antioxidants & other minerals to fight against the disease. 

As we all know, “prevention is better than cure.” So taking vitamin C is very beneficial to prevent cold, cough, and fever. People are going for tablets or citrus fruits that contain vitamin-C like pineapple, orange, sweet lemon, and much more. You can have green tea with lemon juice mixed in it. This is a miracle for fighting against the pandemic. 

Why is Green Tea better than Black Tea During Pandemic?

The pandemic is a great shock for the world. It’s a hard time for the friends & families who have lost their loved ones due to Covid-19. People are doing exercise and following healthy routines to avoid this terrific disease. Scientists throughout the world are still in search of a cure to treat the disease. Meanwhile, it’s vital to take care of our health in natural ways. Let’s understand in depth why green tea is more preferred over black tea during this period:

  • Immune Booster:  Green tea contains catechins and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) that act as powerful antioxidants and fight against the symptoms of covid-19. Antioxidant you generally found in fruits and vegetables that makes you fit & healthy. These antioxidants boost your immune system and are a reason for many fitness lovers to have green tea. Else, you can go for organic peppermint tea which works really good for the body as it reduces fatigue & calms the senses.
  • Fight against Stress & Anxiety: In comparison to green tea, black tea is stronger and contains much caffeine. But excess caffeine is not suitable for the central nervous system (brain). People who are sensitive to caffeine can prefer green tea rather than black tea. However, make sure not to drink so many cups of green tea on a single day. Green tea is rich in relaxation properties that calm down the stress level; which is seen more during the pandemic. 
  • Natural Alternative for Anti-Aging: Who doesn’t want to look good? Green tea with some prolonged consumption gradually improves the skin texture. The skin starts glowing and works best for anti-aging. Natural ways take some time but work from roots and show extraordinary results.

When it comes to the popularity and availability of herbs online in Australia, people are actually getting aware of green tea advantages. They are looking for green tea in stores and online to enjoy its medical benefits. Ensure the tea leaves are not too old as the nutrient level is not high. Drink organic green tea and let’s overcome the disease together. 


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