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Eye shadow Boxes:

Among many cosmetic products, eye shadow is one of the most popular ones. To add charm to the facial look or to make the eye more prominent, people are using this product for a long time. This demand for the product caused many cosmetic brands to launch their own styles of Eye shadows. And all of them need unique and attractive appearance for their products. Eye shadow boxes are available in many designs and shapes, which are also customizable according to the brand’s need and demand. You can use budget-friendly and highly customizable cardboard boxes to uniquely display your product in the market.

Cosmetics are one of the fashions that are trending for a long ago. Either adult men and women or teens, it is inspiring many people. It has become a part of life daily for many. The trends of the cosmetics industry are changing rapidly. New products are arriving while some are obsolete now. But the history of eye shadow is meeting the Egyptian era. It is one of the most common and inspiring products that is attracting people to date. Different brands have so many colours, forms, and styles of eye shadows. And to display it properly, Eye shadow boxes are required.

Tips for designing outstanding Eye shadow boxes

With such variations and varieties already available in the market, it is difficult to stand in the market. But with the correct customization and innovative design, you can attract potential buyers. While stepping into a rush market, it is difficult to find the right way and perfect design for placing the product. In a crowd of competitors, you need to make your product look unique, innovative, and attractive. Finding the eye-striking look for your cosmetic boxes might be difficult. Do not worry; here is a little guide to help you with the appearance of packaging boxes to stand out.

Gather the right information:

It is one of the essentials while designing custom printed boxes for your makeup products that many newbies miss. You need to know the trends in the market where you are going to place your product. Also, know about the customer preferences and tastes to launch the right product in the right market. It is important to target the customers according to their age, gender, class, budget, and demands. This step can help you design the product and its packaging just like customers need.

Another thing you need to know is about the competitors. Find out what type of packaging they are using so you can do better and avoid similarities. Last but not least, you need to know about the store too. You need a complementing design of your product packaging with the store theme but not too blending.

Choose material:

With so much information, now you can start designing and customizing your Custom Eye shadow Boxes. There are so many options available to secure the product and make it representable in the market. Hard plastic, polybags, tins, and many other materials are useful for making product packaging. But you need to consider some factors to get the best material for your product. It must be secure, customizable, biodegradable, and budget-friendly. You can use Cardboard boxes to make your product display unique and attractive. You can use different qualities, models, and designs of the material according to the product quality. Rigid boxes, paperboard, corrugated boxes are some variants of the cardboard material you can use according to the product.

Select the model:

If you are choosing cardboard boxes for your product packaging, then there are various designs and models to choose from. There are some simple yet trending designs like flip boxes, folds and ridges, and lid boxes. You can also go for some unique designs like sleeve boxes, cylinders with lids and gabble boxes, and many more. If you are not interested in the pre-modelled boxes, then you can have a custom design and shape for your boxes. While designing the boxes, you need an innovative look. Adding a creative unboxing style can also add charm to your customized cosmetic boxes. But do not make it too complicated to irritate the customers, and they may lose interest.

Colours and themes:

There is a whole study of using colours in the right manner. Colours cannot only affect the mood so a person but also affect their behaviour. Marketers know this fact and use it in their packaging strategies to attract more potential buyers. Along with colour psychology, you need to target the correct customer. With the help of colours, it is easier to differentiate among the targets. You can use subtle design to attract adults, while teens are easily attracted to vibrant and bright colours. Combining the hues with themes and graphics, you can make your custom Printed Boxes dazzling.

Labelling and text:

Boxes for Cosmetic Products are a great way of interaction with the customers. It helps in making an identity among the customers and the competitors. Also, remembering the product and the manufacturing brand becomes easier with the help of packaging. It is important to design complementing labels for your product packaging. The fonts of the label, colours, and theme, style, and finish can add charm to the overall look of the box. Make the labels readable and attractive.

The text content on your packaging can include all the important data and facts about the product. You must mention expiry, validity, content and ingredients, allergens, and warnings. Also, you can add the effects of using the product, advantages, and facts to attract the customers.


Another important and trendy part of custom Printed Boxes is the coating and finishes on the boxes. Either coat the complete box with a metallic look or add charm by metallic stamping on the labels; you can use coating styles variants. UV coating, gloss, matte and metallic, and many other finishes are popular in the packaging industry.

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