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Mermaid Outfits – 5 Accessories to Help Make Your Mermaid Fancy Dress Costumes Look Amazing



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Mermaid costumes have always been a popular outfit at costume parties throughout the year, due to mermaids being well represented in our folklore, literature, and even popular culture. Following the release of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the same name, mermaid costumes became even more in demand.

The mermaid is a mythological creature that lives in the sea and has a female human head and body, but a fish tail. The word “mermaid” is made up of the Old English word for “sea” and the modern word “maid”, another word for a woman. The male equivalent of the creature is a merman.

Mermaid costumes are generally based on a long flowing blue and / or green dress, which comes at the bottom in the style of a tail. There are many attractive mermaid costumes available based on that style, if you visit a specialized website online and search there. However, if you want your costume to look especially good, you will probably have to do it with some great accessories.

Below are five mermaid costume accessories, which I think will help make your mermaid costumes look really good.

Curly mermaid wig

A long curly blonde mermaid wig is a must-have accessory for your outfit. Alternatively, depending on the color of your dress, you can go for a sparkly blue mermaid wig if you really want to make an entrance.

Green Glitter Body Spray

You can get green glitter sprays that look like water when sprayed, but then when they dry, it’s green glitter all over your skin. This type of spray is ideal for mermaid costumes and available at outfit website.

72 “Green Seaweed Boa

A great addition to all kinds of mermaid costumes is the green seaweed boa, which is 72 inches long. After all, this is what all mermaids wear when they go out to dinner.

Shell bra

Depending on the style of your mermaid dress, you may want to consider getting a white hard-shell plastic bra, which has pieces of string to help secure it in place. Designed to fit most women, this bra is a great sexy addition to your outfit.

Fairy lace-up shoes

Don’t be fooled by the name, these shoes are the perfect footwear to go with those kinds of mermaid outfits that don’t have a novelty train, but instead have a dress that goes in at the bottom and then fanned out like a train. These see-through shoes are simply stunning and come with five different colored ribbons, which wrap around the legs.

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