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Is Insurance Necessary When Shipping your Motorcycle over Long Distances?



Is Insurance Necessary When Shipping your Motorcycle over Long Distances?

There are various things that have to be kept in mind and have to be careful about before shipping your motorcycle. The motorcycle is one of the most expensive commodities that a person can buy in his entire life. It is pretty normal that we ensure our vehicle against theft and damages so that loss does not occur to a greater extent. When the motorcycle is transported to a new place then there are various things which are ignored and due to which the damage is caused to the vehicle and huge amount would have to be paid to get it repaired and to bring it back into the earlier condition.

It is mandatory to recheck the shipping company’s policy before accepting the contract so that no fraud can be done later on while shipping the vehicle. The different shipping companies have different norms that have to be followed properly otherwise the customer would have to face the problem lately.

Here are some of the ways through which the importance of insurance can be known which are as follows

Proof of insurance

There are many shipping companies that have a valid insurance certificate and when the customer asks for it the company would have to give it to the customer immediately within a short span of time. The customers should have knowledge and awareness so that they can inquire regarding every tiny thing and they can get to know about everything in detail with the shipping company. They should interrogate regarding whether they would cover the damage that occurred during the shipping process so that they can get the amount back.

Everything starts with interrogating. If the customer would be more aware of the process then they can put up more questions and the company can clear all their queries.

Written proof

If the customer is going to agree to the terms of the auto shipping service without taking a proper written proof then they would have to face huge trouble in their near future. The customer should get agreements or considerations in written form so that they have proof of everything that the company has told them verbally. This written proof will help the customers in the case if some unforeseen happens in the near future and you can also know if they have lied to you or are they providing you with services that have not been mentioned in the contract.

Auto insurance company

According to the policy of the customer, there are higher chances that the company will have the insurance coverage during the transportation of the vehicle but don’t completely rely on your company for this and the customer should make sure before taking the services from a specific company. The customer should know the repercussions and the advantages of everything that they are going to sign. When the questions will be asked at an initial stage the customer will feel more relaxed and they can transport their motorcycle to the final place without any hurdle.

Remove loose parts

Most of the shipping companies do not provide insurance to the interior parts of the vehicle therefore to protect your vehicle In this vehicle it would be best to remove the loose parts of the vehicle so that they would not get damaged during the bike transportation. It is best to remove all sorts of loose parts of the vehicle so that transportation can be done in a more safe and secure manner.

Loose items include removable electronics, CDs, and many other things that can be removed. By removing these loose items it will be easy for the owners to ship the vehicle and they can also decrease the risk of the break of the loose parts or the theft of the loose parts during the transportation. Most of the shipping companies do not provide the theft or the damage that would be occurred during transportation.


It is important to do the inspection of the vehicle properly before shipping so that they would not have to any difficulty regarding this during transportation. The inspection should be done in front of the customer so that they would know if there is some fault in the vehicle or is there any repair that has to be done. For the mechanical damage, it would be better if the customer would check If there is any problem with the engine and any sort of repair has to be done to the vehicle soon.  Do the inspection of the vehicle in the bright light so that the faults can be found out easily without any problem.

With the above points, the importance of insurance has been known and now the customers can easily get the insurance coverage for their vehicle.

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