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Overall Satisfaction with osTicket



Overall Satisfaction with osTicket

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

The IT Services area uses osticket to support the college departments and offices. The primary support system for service request ticketing, help topics, and ticket tracking. Utilised alone by over 1500 faculty, staff, paid students /researchers (RA, TA, GA, TF, etc.). They like osTicket because it’s easy to use for our end-users, it’s open-source, it’s free (without limiting any features), and we can host it internally. We would recommend osTicket to any small to a medium-sized organisation that wants a simple to use support system that’s both fully featured and completely free.

Pros and Cons

  • osTicket is highly user friendly for end users and support agents. It’s straightforward for new end users to put in a service request. This aspect of simplicity is important because we don’t have to train new users on how to put in service requests.
  • Feature-wise, osTicket has everything you need without being overly complicated or cluttered. This is important because it allows for faster support times and happier end users.
  • Lightweight and very reliable, osTicket uses PHP and MySQL. Setup is easy, and it can be hosted internally or externally web hosed. Also, since it relies on PHP, it gives you the flexibility to use Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, IIS, etc.
  • Thriving community: the community behind osTicket is feature-wise. This is very helpful if you have any questions.
  • Best of all, osTicket is entirely free and open source. At the same time, they offer pair tier cloud-hosting and enterprise support. The free version provides all the features of the paid tiers (minus hosting and support).
  • Our biggest issue with osTicket is that ticket analytics is a little bare. It would be nice if some expanded statistics metrics like some of the other paid systems.
  • A minor complaint would be the primary user interface. When compared to other support systems, it looks a little dated. However, I still prefer a solid, easy-to-use, and reliable method over a fancy interface.
  • Another minor complaint is the Framework, osTicket, is built on PHP. In contrast, PHP is still very popular and widely developed. Some in the osTicket community would like to see osTicket move to something more modern. I prefer osTicket’s reliability over implementing the newest web programming languages.

Return on Investment

osTicket has dramatically increased our end-user Satisfaction. We have seen increased service response times and better tracking of support agents.

Alternatives Considered

  • Zendesk

While osTicket doesn’t offer anywhere near the number of features, Zendesk provides. OsTicket is entirely free and doesn’t have a monthly or per agent cost. Also, Zendesk doesn’t offer any self-hosting options instead of osTicket, which is completely open-source and can be hosted anywhere.

Likelihood to Recommend

osTicket is very well suited for small to medium environments where the budget might be tight, or a complex system isn’t desired. The fundamental pillars of osTicket being that it is simple, lightweight, reliable, open-source, and best of all, free make osTicket a great alternative to higher-cost customer support systems.

While osTicket does have shortfalls that would be bad for some environments. For example, not offering social media integration, lacking a flashy user interface, detailed analytics (Satisfaction, performance, etc.), live chat/messaging, and precise customisation requires PHP knowledge. OsTicket is a great free and straightforward support system without the alternatives’ extra features and costs.

Review from a osticket User

What do you like best?

Because osTicket is self-hosted, it does not rely on third-party services or unnecessary changes. It can be updated at your own pace. One of the features we use regularly is to add staff to open tickets so that someone familiar with the field can troubleshoot the problem. I like email integration and Cloud Application Integration along with tasks. Identifying the customer and who needs to work on the ticket is very easy.

What do you dislike?

I had a problem applying the translation to the email template. So, I had to rewrite all the templates in my language manually. This bug is old.

Also, the software doesn’t have an official Docker image. So, I had to roll my own idea to keep it up to date. I think this is intentional, but it’s above me. When the client sends me the code, it will be removed from the message.

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