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Popularity of Ludo Game Development Company in India



Popularity of Ludo Game Development Company In India

There was a time when smartphones were costly, and only the higher upper class could afford it, but the same is not the case today. The industry has grown significantly during the last decade. Thanks to the emergence of Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies, smartphones are becoming cheaper and cheaper. A recent estimate suggests that there are more than 500 million smartphones are there in India. As the number of smartphones is increasing day by day, the consumption of digital content, such as video, podcast, gaming, has shown a rapid surge. In the last few years, users are involved more in mobile gaming activities, which was never seen earlier. Though there are a number of popular games available in India, very few can match the growth curve shown by the Ludo game.

Why is Ludo Game Development Company So Popular in India? 

There should be no doubt over the popularity of the Ludo game. Experts predict that the popularity is only going to increase with time. But, have you ever thought that why Ludo Game Software is so popular in the country? Here, let’s try to decode the fundamental reason behind the mass acceptance of Ludo in the Indian market, and the growing popularity of Mobzway among other Ludo development companies.

1. Traditional Game

Ludo is a traditional game in the Indian subcontinent region. The game is extremely popular in every household, and people are aware of the basic rules and regulations of the game. In the past, the game used to be played only on the offline platform, using the Ludo board. But, these days, people are happily accepting the online transformation of the game.

2. Ease of Play

If you have ever played the Ludo game, you must have realized the simple yet interesting form of gameplay. The rules were already simple, and the online form of the game makes it simpler only. The game offers a simple and exciting experience for gamers.

3. A Perfect Combination of Luck and Skill

Many people believe that the Ludo game is nothing more than a game of luck and uncertainty, but the same is not true completely. There is no doubt over the fact that your luck has to play a part in winning a Ludo game, but there are other aspects as well. To win the game in a consistent manner, you must have certain skill sets. The perfect combination of skill and luck excites the people to play their favorite indoor game on an online platform.

4. Access to Remote Location

Earlier, in the offline Ludo game, you could not play the game with your friends and family who are staying away from you. This aspect was often considered as the biggest limitation of the Ludo game. But, with the evolution of online Ludo Game Development, now, you have the opportunity to play the game with your loved ones, even staying away from them.

5. The Opportunity to Earn Money

The biggest reason that contributes to the hyper-growing popularity of Ludo Game Development Company seems to be the gamers’ opportunity to earn money while playing their favorite game. People are playing the game in their leisure period, and have a chance to earn money. However, it is advisable for the gamers not to bet a good portion of their income in the Ludo game, due to the matter of uncertainty of winning the bet.

Things to Remember while Hiring a Ludo Game Developer

As there are a number of Ludo game developers available in the market, it is certainly a tough task to choose the best firm for the job. Here are some of the aspects that you must consider to Hire Ludo Game Developer for developing your Ludo game application. 

  1. Experience of the Company: More often than not, an experienced company offers better services than a newcomer. 
  2. Value for Money: Before hiring, you should compare the amount of money that the company is charging to develop a Ludo game. You are also expected to compare the services that the firm is willing to offer in that price range. 
  3. Payment Gateway: A secure payment gateway will eliminate any chances of money laundering and cybercrime. Besides, it will help you in your brand building, and you can promote this particular feature in the marketing part. A secure payment platform would help to win the trust of your customers. 

Wrapping it off

Ludo game development companies are taking advantage of the existing popularity of the game. Though there is a highly competitive market for the Ludo game, one cannot deny the room for the new entries. However, you need to take care of the above-mentioned points while choosing a developing service for your Ludo game and Mobzway can help you in this purpose.

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