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How Printed Sleeve Boxes Are Different from Other Packaging? Features




When we think about purchasing a unique box, we cannot always find one. There are hundreds of packaging boxes getting used around the globe. People are using creative approaches to make their products look unusual to impress the customers. But not everyone can find the appropriate box. But sometimes, a product itself is unique enough that we do not require packaging for it. For example, many companies prefer to showcase their product’s unusual features. But without packaging how could we tell the customer which brands the item belongs to? Well, we also have a solution for you.

Printed sleeves boxes have been getting popular for many years, but not many people acknowledge their existence. Now, you might be wondering what a printed sleeve is? Let us demonstrate. These are a sort of cylinder that covers the products. And hence we could imprint any info on it. The packaging sleeve is like a box, but it’s not. Confusing right? Well, it serves the same purpose as the box. But it does not have flaps or the container to put the product in. But it still proves to be useful for brand marketing. Let us take the example of packaging sleeves. You must have purchased some customized soap. Such products require a belly band, also known as a sleeve.

Let us discuss how printed sleeves are different from other packaging. What features do they hold to affect our business positively? And what sort of products require such packaging.

Features Custom Boxes Should Hold:

Sleeve packaging UK is already popular due to its benefits. But if you do not know what features they hold, then no worries. Let us discuss them briefly.

·        Customizable:

The astounding feature about sleeves is how they can get customized with any printing technique. And hence the unique appearance easily attracts customers.

·        Durable:

Packaging sleeves are often thought to be fragile. But not many people know that they also get manufactured with cardboard or kraft paper. It depends on the product it gets designed for. For example, if the product is pricey, we do need to use high-quality material for sleeve boxes. Otherwise, if it is a bar of soap, we can use kraft material as it is cost-effective.

·        Displays Relevant Information:

The space on our packaging sleeves is not much. But it is enough. If we compare it to packaging boxes, we do get more than enough space on the box. But when it comes to packaging sleeves, it might not be the case. And hence many sellers prefer not to use sleeves because they get worried about where to print relevant info.

Now, a professional designer always knows how to imprint the data. And in which sequence it should get imprinted. For example, the logo gets placed on the most visible side. But we also need to filter out our data. There is much information about the product that might be irrelevant when a customer purchases the product. And the difficult task of finding the appropriate info.

·        Light-Weight:

A heavy packaging box needs to be handled carefully. Meanwhile, we also pay for the packaging fee while sending it off. But if the case is lightweight, we do not have to worry much about the expenses. And we could say that printed sleeves for boxes are cost-effective.

Can we Engrave the Design on our Packaging Sleeves?

These days people find it tough to enhance their brand identity. And so, they find unique methods to make their logo more prominent. Now, many people use to imprint their logos on the box. But for some people, it is not enough, as it does not attract more customers. So what are the other methods and approaches?

Many people used to carve their logo on the box. And fill it in with foil and color. This process is called engraving. It gives a unique look, and the foil filled in the facade provides a sleek and luxurious look. Meanwhile, another method that received popularity was embossing. In this method, we use a heat source and press the surface to give a 3D look. The puffed-out area makes our logo prominent even from some distance. You must have noticed that many luxurious brands prefer to customize their box with these techniques.

Now the question is, could we customize our sleeve for boxes with these techniques? And the answer is yes. Now, do not be hesitant while getting yourself packaging sleeves.

Boxes VS Traditional Packaging:

There is a massive difference between the packaging used fifty ago and the one we use now. And no, we are not talking about the branding of packaging boxes. We are talking about the material used for cases, the dimensions, and the nature. All of these have changed. For example, almost fifty years ago, the use of plastic packaging was not a big deal. Meanwhile, plastic was supposed to be the sturdy material for protecting the products.

Sleeve Packaging Look Elegant and Modern

And hence as everything changed, the packaging also was revolutionized. Sellers started to manufacture their boxes in unique ways. Many sellers are being more creative than ever and are using unique approaches to use them. And hence they make their product appear unique. And if the packaging is successful in attracting customers, consider the product sold.  Now get yourselves the sleeve boxes from online packaging providers as they are different from other boxes.

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