Provide Independence and Accessibility With Home Modifications for Elders



When people are stepping into old age, they might need some mobility equipment and accessibility tools to live comfortably. Similarly, if you are dealing with low mobility, you also have to do some home modifications to make your life easier. 

There are various Home Modifications for the Elders necessary to regain your independence. So, let’s find out the best and the essential home modification for the disabled and the elders. 

In your home, some areas need modifications to avoid the dangerous falls of older adults. We will discuss these areas one by one so that you have a complete understanding of these modifications. 

Bathroom Modification

The bathroom is the most dangerous area; therefore, it is essential to make your bathroom safe, and this way, you can save your older adults from falling and slipping. Some key locations should be modified.

Walk-in Tub, and Shower

Walk-in tubs and showers make it easy to take showers. But, what about the disabled and the wheelchair users? How can they take a shower safely? Here is the point where these modifications come into the ground. 

Therefore, we make the tubs and showers accessible for the disabled and the elderly. With the help of these showers, you can quickly enter and leave the shower without the use of another person. 

Disabled Grab Bars

Disabled Grab Bars are one of the best and most crucial mobility equipment you can install anywhere in your home because these bars provide support to the disabled and the elderly. 

These people can hold these grab bars and move around the house quickly. These bars are helpful for people who lose their balance while walking, as they can have these bars and move efficiently and safely. 

Installing these bars in your bathroom is very beneficial. Because the disabled and the elderly can grab these bars while sitting and standing from the toilet seat. Moreover, you can also install these bars at the bathroom entrance.

Installing these bras in bath-in tub and shower is also helpful because it will eliminate the need of any other person. 

Accessible Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen is the second most important area that needs renovations. Whether it is about storage or the floors, you have to change it if you are disabled, older, or in a wheelchair.

First of all, you have to make the storage area accessible so that disabled people can pick and grab anything they need while cooking. Thus, Kitchen Cabinet Modifications are essential for them. 

Secondly, place the appliances on average height so that when the disabled pick the thing from them, they can hold them tightly. Otherwise, they can make the thing fall on them and make themselves hurt. 

Try to use motion detectors faucets so that the disabled cannot push or revolve the water tab. 

Last but not least is the sink area. How can a wheelchair user wash dishes in the sink? Therefore, we make the roll under sink, in which the legs of the disabled go under the sink, and they can easily wash the vegetables, fruits, and dishes.

Ramps for Stairs

If you have stairs, how would the wheelchair enter and exit from the home? Therefore, we have Wheelchair Ramps for Steep Stairs, and they can quickly move their wheelchair and enter the building.

These ramps are durable because most people install them outside of the home, where they have to bear weather conditions. Hence, we make these ramps with the highest quality of material so they don’t rust or expand due to changes in temperature or weather. 

Stair Lift for the Elderly

A stair lift is the most innovative invention of this century because it will take the disabled person upward or downward quickly and safely. It is fully functional, durable, and safe so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your elders. 

Moreover, you can carry groceries or any other items with you to bear the weight quickly. You can install these lifts indoor and outdoor and give access to the disabled on every floor of your home. 

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude all the discussion, we can say that all of the modifications mentioned above are necessary to make the life of the disabled access. There are a lot of companies that offer these modifications, but the best decision is to contact SPN Construction Mobility.

We have a team of experts and designers who make these modifications in a way that won’t destroy the interior or exterior design of your home.

Moreover, all of our services are affordable, so people can make their lives easy and accessible. They can move in-out, go shopping and groceries by themselves. This way, they will boost their self-confidence, live independently, and enjoy their life fully.

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