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Quran Burned In Sweden, Malmo Goes Up In Flames



On 29th August, riots broke out in the Swedish city of Malmo. That Friday, over 300 people had gathered in Malmo to protest against the anti-Islamic activities going on since a long time. Suddenly the protest took a violent turn. There were attacks on the police forces and car tyres were torched. The Police had a tough time controlling the riot. It all started when a Quran burned in Sweden.

Protest In Sweden: How Did It Begin?

Rasmus Paludan, leader of the far-right Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) was denied entry into Sweden and was given a two year entry ban. Rasmus Paludan is already famous for his anti-Muslim ideologies and regularly posts anti-Islam videos on his party’s social media channels. He was invited by Swedish artist Dan Park to address a meeting on “ Islamization in the Nordic countries” in Malmo.

After he was denied entry, his party members burnt a copy of Quran in protest. Later that day around 300 protesters gathered on the street to protest against this anti-Islamic activity. “We’re gonna f*ck this system up because they want to let a man burn the Quran and we’re gonna f*ck the police” yelled one young man from the group. Men and teenagers wielding bars and stones, set fire to cars, tyres and garbage pins. They also hurled stones at police in a bid to attack them. The police had a hard time controlling the rioters of this protest in Sweden.

Sweden Riots Latest News: Three leaders arrested, Residents Clean-up City

Three party members of the group Stram Kurs have been arrested prior to the protest in relation to the burning of Quran. In addition to burning the Quran, they had also been seen kicking a Quran around like a public square, the video of which triggered their arrest. As far as the rioters are concerned, thirteen suspects were wanted for rioting with five of them already arrested. Malmo police said that they have been since released.

There was a clear difference visible in the though process of Swedish Muslims to the rioters, Arab Muslims. Many outright condemned the violence. They were worried about how the ensuing violence might change the city for them. A prominent Imam (religious leader) of Malmo, Samir Muric was seen between the rioters and the police, trying to diffuse the situation.

The protests continued well into the night. The violence slowly fazed out during the weekend with Malmo police announcing control on the situation. According to Sweden riots latest news, many Malmo residents have come out on the streets to help in the cleaning up process. Staff from the Malmo municipality and the residents spent their Saturday and Sunday cleaning up the destruction left by the rioters. Police Officer Fredrik Brokopp was found saying, ”It’s nice for us as police and wonderful from the perspective of the area that there are positive forces out there. Because things easily become black or white.” More police officers from around Sweden were called to patrol the streets of Malmo.

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