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SEO Strategies to Boost Your Site Traffic During COVID-19



It’s no longer a surprise that COVID 19 has affected our daily lives and upended unexpectedly. Unpredictable unemployment rates, emptied shelves, and anxiousness surrounding it, innumerable people working from home- it has become our new reality.

Even though there are ways it has impacted the personal lives personally, and also consumer behavior has changed tremendously, but with this, it has also changed the way people see the businesses, products associated with it, and the overall experience around it. Keeping in mind, the solution within the industry is two-fold:

  • The typical search behavior has drastically changed and it is going to continue in the upcoming days, it will continue to do with keyword modifiers seeing the rise.
  • One has seen a larger shift in changing the consumerism in buying the essential shift for overall health and fitness.

Now, as people are forced to stay at home with a changing lifestyle, one also has to shift and maintain an SEO and content strategy in maintaining the relevancy of the audience.

During these uncertain times, local SEO has become more important than ever. As we stare at an uncertain future, quarantined in our homes; we depend on the internet for most of our day to day essentials and also to keep ourselves entertained. Be it grocery shopping, shopping for appliances or working from home; without internet we would reach a standstill. This is one reason why the search engine traffic has plummeted for various businesses. Customers are looking for everything online and they are exploring as many options as possible.

In this article, we will have a look at:

  • How has covid changed search engine traffic
  • Significance of local SEO during the pandemic
  • The long term gains for your business from SEO


Understanding the impact of covid-19 on search engine traffic

Since the start of the pandemic, the usage of the internet has skyrocketed. But we shouldn’t assume that this will automatically boost traffic for businesses. The use of the internet spreads to a much wider concept. It could be  online streaming, attending virtual meetings, reading and replying to emails, and so on.  As more and more people continue to rely on the internet, this can be used as an opportunity to market your business in front of the right eyes. Especially for businesses that deal in essential items have a huge opportunity to grab the right customers with the help of SEO.

Significance of local SEO during the pandemic

SEO can help businesses to stand out from their competitors. This is a golden opportunity for local businesses to boom. Everyone is staying home which makes it more convenient for customers to buy locally. People are unable to venture far away from home. Using local SEO tactics such as ‘open now’ or using keywords like ‘near me’ will help your business to crawl up the Google SERPs. Another reason why local SEO is important because people are beginning to understand the importance of supporting small business. SEO can help in customizing your business by curating contents that are relevant to trending topics. The SEO strategy will connect you to the people who are interested in supporting local small businesses. The best part is that SEO campaigns are measurable so you can track the progress of your business and make sure things are working in your favour.

Once you have successfully passed the Planning Phase it is time for real action – Execution! The Project Execution Phase of the project management lifecycle

The long term gains of SEO

SEO is so much more than merely bringing traffic to your website. It improves your brand’s credibility as well as makes you stand apart from the competition.  SEO also involves web development, improving your website’s content and making the website more user friendly so that customers can easily navigate through it. With local SEO, when local customers come across your business you are increasing chances of creating a loyal customer base. SEO both paid and organic will help you reach to the customer when they are actually in need. Your business will be optimized based on the keywords that are relevant for your products and services. So the next time when a customer is searching for any product or service that you provide, your business will pop up in the search results.

Buyer behaviour is surely going to change within the upcoming months but SEO is extremely proactive. A good SEO company like Rankiology will stay in sync with the latest SEO practices and they will incorporate strategies that work best for your business. SEO involves various technicalities and for a successful campaign you need to associate with professionals who know what needs to be and are effective with the same.

And lastly, one thing that should be taken in mind is being instrumental in securing conversions to test different strategies. The times have changed and shifted, creating content that helps people in navigating the new reality in lessening the potential negative impacting the organic traffic.

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