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Step By Step Approach To Design A Cost-Effective Online Magazine



Today, digital magazines are used as a reliable marketing tool by big companies. You need the right strategy to design digital magazines. There are many success stories and hundreds of strategies, but every strategy is not suitable for you. You need a customized strategy to design a digital magazine. The right strategy must be cost-effective and brings surplus benefits in the long run.

In this article, you can learn simple and essential steps for designing digital magazines. Not down all the important steps fordesigning an awe-inspiring digital magazine.

Find your niche:

Just like every business, the baby step is to identify your niche. By incorporating a suitable niche in your digital magazine, you can grab the attention of the right audience. Do research to find your competitors. The more competitors you have, the more it is difficult to stand out among them. That’s why to select a less competitive and more-profit generating niche to create online magazines.

Monetization of your digital magazine:

When you are publishing your magazine on apps, you can sell subscriptions. Generate your own Google and Apple Developer account. Moreover, you can add sponsored content, collaborations with different brands or companies, or you can give reviews of affiliate products. When you are ready to create a digital catalog, make sure that you have designed a sound monetization strategy to earn money.

Create an extraordinary design of your magazines:

I must say ‘’design is the key to success’’. Your magazine cover decides whether readers give it a chance or not. It must create an impact on the audience by its phenomenal design. For example, if your audience is a young and ambitious chef who wants to learn outstanding recipes, you can add a picture of Mauro Colagreco (the world’s best chef) on your magazine cover. Powerful design and great layout help you to create online magazineswith supremacy.

Provide content for your audience:

A unique piece of content is the master to capture your audience. You can create entertaining, informative, and inspiring content to attract the traffic from targeted group. Usually, people prefer to focus on one type of content but I prefer to combine all three of them. You can hire professional content writers who can follow a consistent writing style and format to create digital catalog.

Select the right platform to publish your digital magazine:

Your platform must be interactive, flexible, and cost-effective to publish digital catalogs. Make sure that your magazine page fits the best on all screens and easy to navigate.  A number of tools include MagCast, Mag+, Amazon S3, Issuu, FlipSnack, and many others. Generally, all these platforms distribute your magazine on Google App Store, Amazon App Store, and Apple App Store.


Ziniy has tried to share all behind-the-scenes secrets with its readers. The digital magazine race has never been an easy game to play. You have competitors to beat by attractions hundreds and hundreds of customers on a daily basis. Explore your potential and follow our guidelines to create the best digital catalog.


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