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Step By Step Guide To Buying Bariatric Hospital Bed



Hospitals opt for a standard bed size for almost all their patients. But a bariatric patient doesn’t fall in this category. Due to their heavyweight and bigger size, their bed requirements are different from other patients. In case they are kept on the regular hospital beds, they will face several issues in moving on it. That is why hospitals should opt for unique bariatric hospital beds for them. This step by step guide will assist them in finding the most suitable beds for these obese patients.

Step 1: Weight-Bearing Capacity

The regular hospital bed may not be able to bear the obese patient’s weight. Even if helpers try to fit them in, the bed may break, or the patient may get hurt. To avoid this risk, bariatric beds consist of strong and sturdy frames. They are designed to hold up to 1000 lbs of weight. So the patient can easily get on it without any danger. The hospitals need to check this feature before buying the hospital bed air mattress. Only then will they be able to provide proper comfort to the patients.

Step 2: Width

Just like any non-obese person, bariatric patients need to toss and turn throughout their time on the bed. For this, usual hospital beds have 37-inches to 39-inches of width. But that much width may not be enough for the larger patient to move conveniently. Thus, hospitals have to opt for beds that are 36-inches to 60-inches wide. It will provide ample space for the obese patient to move freely. Hospitals should also opt for a bariatric mattress because it also plays a crucial role in the sleeper’s movement.

Step 3: Ease Of Motion

Once the on-bed comfort features are checked, hospitals can move on to features that make off-bed motions pleasant. As the patient will need to get off and on the bed several times, it is crucial to ensure that their movement isn’t risky. Bariatric hospital bed get designed in a way that offers a more convenient movement to the patient. For example, their height is kept low so that the patient can easily get off and on the bed. A suitable bariatric mattress can also help with this.

Step 4: Durability

The more vigorously something is used, the more quickly it gets damaged. That is why the durability of bariatric beds is kept high. Therefore, it remains intact even after using it for quite a long time. Hospitals need to check that the one they are opting for won’t get in bad shape anytime soon. Otherwise, they will have to find a new bed again, and it will be a waste of effort and money. Plus, the older one may end up creating some severe damage.


Bariatric patients require special care due to their excessive weight. Their bed is the only place where they want to be comfortable. So hospitals should follow these steps to buy the most suitable bariatric hospital bed for their overweight patients. Also, they should consider combining the bed with a bariatric mattress. These two elements will provide proper support and comfort to the patient.

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