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Step up your Kraft pillow boxes you need to read this first



Kraft pillow boxes

When any brand is making boxes for their goods they can choose any material according to their requirement. For instance

  1. Kraft board box material
  2. Corrugated boxes
  3. Cardboard box material
  4. Paperboard boxes
  5. Plastic bags

Among all these types the best one is cardboard or Kraft board material but for some certain reasons. And the most important reason is that they are the most durable and sturdy packaging those brands can use at the time of shipment. Both these materials will not let anything happen to the goods and save the firms from any type of loss or trouble. After selecting the material brands can choose any shape of the box. Like:

  1. Square shape
  2. Oven shape boxes
  3. Rectangular boxes
  4. Oval shape Box

Besides these shapes Pillow, shape boxes are also trending in the market. Because this tiny packaging is easy to carry and look adorable as well. Brands can use Kraft pillow boxes to pack any type of goods and deliver it to the consumers peacefully. Even brands can design and style these Kraft pillow boxes in various ways. So if you want to know how to step up your Kraft pillow boxes then you need to read this article first.

Colorful Thematic packaging:

The first tip to enhance the beauty of custom pillow boxes is to use dark or light color combinations that complement your product and brand name. Colors are the most important part of packaging boxes and have the power to change the entire look of the kraft pillow boxes. Therefore choose the color’s wisely. You can go for the following colors as they are trending in the competitive market:

  1. Black
  2. white
  3. Blue
  4. Pink
  5. Sea green
  6. Yellow
  7. Red

All these colors are pretty in their own way. Even you can use multi color’s for these packaging’s.

Visual artwork:

Choose aesthetic designs for the printed pillow boxes that can grab customer’s attention in a fraction of seconds. But don’t stick to these designs. Try to innovate them after every interval of time. In addition to this for the yearly festivals and occasionally try to make different designs on the kraft pillow boxes. For instance for Christmas that is coming after a few weeks, you can print Santa clause or Christmas tree on the boxes to greet your customers for a happy Christmas. Similarly, for Valentine’s Day, you can use red boxes with hearts that symbolize the month of love. It means you have to show your creativity on the pillow boxes wholesale that can help you to rule the market.

Product and brand description:

Try to label the boxes with the necessary brand and product description. Labeling on the boxes is like a guideline for the customers and can help you to win customers trust and loyalty. Plus people can easily access your firm to place orders. Contrary to this always print your brand logo on the custom pillow boxes. This logo will promote your brand in every part of the country and boost the selling rate of your brand’s goods.

Several add ones:

There are several add ones that your organization can consider for the Kraft pillow boxes. The following accessories can add up to the beauty of the plain and elegant boxes.

  1. Glitters: glitters can add shine to your printed pillow boxes and somehow it looks great. Especially on gift boxes as glitters are available in different colors according to the color of the box.
  2. Stickers: Stickers s yet another option that can also look adorable.
  3. Ribbons: Brands can add ribbons of different colors on the boxes and make a bow with them; these ribbons can make the packaging look cue to human eyes.
  4. Lamination: Some brands can also add lamination to the Kraft pillow boxes. As it is expensive to process so everyone cannot afford it. But lamination coatings can give a luxurious effect to your boxes. S if you are in the position to afford lamination then go for it. It can also protect labeling from spoilage due to excess water or moisture.
  5. Compartments: The last but not the least additional element for the pillow boxes wholesale is you can add compartments to give neat look to the box. Plus brands can wrap two to three items in a box at a time.

Strength is in simplicity:

Try to be simple when you design and style the custom pillow boxes. Whatever designs you choose should be according to box size and whatever shape of the box you choose it should be according to product shapes. Plus keep an eye on the latest market trend and your customers. The more you can satisfy your customers more rapidly your business can progress.

Crete convenience for the audience:

Try to create convenience for the audience by innovating Kraft pillow boxes. For instance, brands can add handles to printed pillow boxes. So that people can carry these boxes easily in their hands and these box packaging will not fall and cause losses for the customers. These handles are also made from Kraft board material and can bear all the weight of the kraft pillow boxes.

Printed pillow boxes with windows:

Brands can design pillow boxes wholesale with a die-cut window in the center. This window can give an insight view of the goods that you have packed inside. This view can create temptation and desire in the audience to buy that good. This type of packaging is mostly used by food brands. But is not a hard and fast rule as any business organization can make custom pillow boxes with a window to attract customers.


So all these are the tips by following them any brand can make their pillow boxes wholesale pretty and can boost the sales of these boxes. When sales will increase then your brand can earn a good profit margin and popularity as well. Resultantly more people will know about you and recommend you to others as well. So those who are still unaware of your brand your customers will promote you in front of them. It means the success of any business relies upon customers so try to make them happy.

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