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Stories: Classic Resources to Learn English for Kids



Why should your child read stories

Stories are age-old resources to enhance one’s understanding of a language. A story is not just a piece of writing. It is full of things which we can learn from- the characters, the plot, the emotions, the morals, etc.

Kids cannot be expected to read lengthy articles and blogs. But, what they can and will surely love to read are the stories. Short stories for kids are very beneficial as they engage and educate them at the same time. Colourful illustrations and simple language used in such stories make them perfect for young minds.

Reading stories opens up one’s mind and lets one weave the characters and the plots with an individuality. For instance, no matter how spectacular a movie is, it’s always one level below than the book that it is based on. Well, that’s what anyone who has read the book will tell you.

To elaborate a little more, a movie offers you specific people as the characters as well as specific places as the surroundings. But, when you read the book, you will build your characters as per the description in the text by your own creativity. You will be able to imagine the places on your own. There’s a huge room for thinking and using your skills when you read.

Why should your child read stories? 

Although there are numerous reasons and benefits of reading stories, here are a few of them:

1. Reading stimulates curiosity

When kids read stories, they become more curious about how things work in the environment.

2. Reading and sharing stories builds a better vocabulary

When your kid reads and shares stories, he/she tries to remember the words that were used in the book. This lets him/her recall those words and thus adds more words to their vocabulary.

3. Stories enhance creativity and sparks imagination

Just like youngsters and adults, for kids too, stories offer young readers with freedom of imagination.

4. Improves overall linguistic skills

Stories provide kids with an opportunity to understand how to form correct sentences and how to convey their thoughts to others. So, along with vocabulary, reading stories helps in the overall development of literacy skills in children.

5. Reading stories builds affection for books

If we, as elders, are able to inculcate the habit of reading stories in children, they will automatically begin to love and respect books. It’s not a secret why we must learn to be affectionate towards books. They are truly our best companions.

6. Stories develop emotional intelligence in kids

Through a huge diversity of plots and characters, stories give children a way to develop emotional intelligence.

7. Stories convey beliefs, morals and values to kids

Stories for children are created in such a way that they impart good values and morals to the readers. They also pass on the beliefs and opinions of society.

The way we adults are fascinated by fictional and non-fictional books, short stories entice children. These stories offer kids a glimpse into another world filled with several characters depending upon their genres- fairy tales, bedtime stories, moral stories, Panchatantra tales, Akbar-Birbal tales and Tales from Tenali Raman among others. All of these genres have their own value in a reader’s life. There is so much to learn and practise from the huge collection of stories for children that one must definitely explore them.

BYJU’S offers the best of these stories in an enticing format with colourful illustrations, just apt for the young learners. From the moral lessons of the Panchatantra to the magical world of the tales of fairies, your kid can traverse through all of them at one place. What’s even better is that you can download these stories in a vivid PDF format absolutely free of cost. Amazing, isn’t it? Visit BYJU’S website to know more!

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