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Styling secrets to making your home look unique and attractive



Everyone gets bored of the same styling of the house. All of us want a change in design and styling. This change is like a never-ending process from brainstorming to change the position of the showpiece to selecting a new mirror design, the options are endless to make your home look beautiful and unique. Thus, this post will brief you with some more styling secrets ideas that give an instant change to your home.

Colour blocking

If you underestimated that a single-color room will look shabby, try colour blocking the wall and the furniture. You can keep the contrast alive by having the floor tiles in a neutral light colour. You can also add contrasting colour showpiece and other items to neutralize the effect making the colour blocking technique successful and home interesting.

Add fresh flowers

Flowers always look wonderful in the house. It makes the centre of attraction as they help in giving a lively and finishing touch to the whole décor. One can easily uplift the vibe of the home is by simply adding fresh flowers. They act as pop to brighten the space, and they attract all eyeballs towards them.

Contrast door trim

The artistry looks in the house is not just added by painting or showpieces, it can even be skillfully done by painting the door trim in contrasting colour. Putting patterns and colours in such interesting places enhances the house uniquely. Hence, the colourful trim of the doors creates a dynamic entrance giving the room a special touch not found otherwise.

Curtains hanging from ceiling to floor

Hanging curtains from the ceiling to the floor doesn’t just throw elegance with royal touch but also improves the look of the room exponentially. Even if the curtain rod is not placed near the ceiling, hanging the curtains from the ceiling height can make the room height look increased creating drama. Choose the curtain in an eye-catchy colour to make this style more noticeable upgrading your home completely.

Use of complementary showpieces

Colour is one of the main elements in any house that makes or breaks the interior of the house. If your home is colour-blocked in a single colour, try including contrasting showpieces to make it stand out of the box. Complementary colours in items around the area like blue, red, peacock add brightness to the overall upholstery in a simplistic way enhancing the interior.

Ceiling painted in patterns

If you have a high ceiling, incorporate the idea of painting the ceiling. Painting the ceiling in bright or eye-catching colour in different patterns like stripes or checks draws eyes up, adding interest in the interior by increasing the height of the space visually. This is one of the easiest ways to add interest in the interiors while you are getting the house painted.

These are some of the unique ways to create interest in the house. Your space will then throw positive and good vibes with colours and contrast making it special for anyone living in or visiting. Try it out and let us know what worked best for you.

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