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How to Take Short Breaks While Studying for Competitive Exams?



Exam season is on the horizon and most of the candidates are burning midnight oil to perform well. Candidates often go through hard core preparations to secure a prestigious position in departments of government. Well, preparing for competitive exams is an onerous task. However, adhering to a strategic study regime can help you bear fruits of success in the competitive exams. The most common fallacy that candidates believe is that studying for the exam for long hours can help them. This is the most common yet false belief of candidates.

The most common exam that almost every graduate appears for is banking. Are you also going to apply for bank exams? If yes, then it is advisable to follow a proper study schedule. Adhering to a proper schedule can help you to cover every aspect of the exam. Clearing any competitive exam would demand you to devote months of preparation. So, it is essential to follow a systematic study routine. Most of the candidates assign themselves short breaks, but don’t know how to use them properly. In this article you are going to find effective ways for using short breaks.

Here are some suggestions for taking short breaks while studying for competitive exams:

  1. Avoid studying for more than an hour

Studying continuously for long hours can jam your brain. Many scientific studies reveal that studying for an hour then taking a break is an effective learning technique. It can make your preparation interesting. Also, it can avoid any kind of boredom. Make sure you take a short break for 15-20 minutes and not more than that. Extending your short break after a certain limit can waste your time. Moreover, you won’t be able to complete your tasks in a day.

  1. Follow your plan strictly

More often than not, candidates prepare a timetable, but fail to follow it. Try not to do this because it can cost you your success. So, keep reminding yourself that clearing the exam would make you secure a government exam of your dreams. This thing can encourage you to abide by the routine you have set for yourself. Also, tell yourself that you have short breaks to fritter your time on other activities. Note that following your plan strictly can help you complete the exam syllabus on time. Additionally, you’ll be left with sufficient time for revision.

  1. Use social media during breaks

The biggest source of distraction these days is social media. So, try not to use it during study hours. You can turn off the notifications on your phone during study hours. We all know once we are scrolling social media, at least 30 minutes are wasted easily. Thus, you can use your short breaks to use social media. It can help you in warding off distractions that arise from social media. Also, it can aid in enhancing your concentration while studying for the competitive exams. For sure it can improve your productivity.

  1. Go for a short break

Sitting and studying for long hours can be tiring and laborious. So, you can go for a walk to rejuvenate your mind. Walking in the fresh air can work wonders for your brain. It can refresh your brain and improve its ability to focus while studying for the exam. Also, you can spare at least a day to walk in a park. Try to walk in the area with enough greenery. It can help in lowering your stress levels while preparing for the exam. This is a proven way to keep yourself active.

  1. Spend quality time with friends and family

Candidates hardly get time to spend with family or friends. So, they can use their short break to talk with a family member or friend. It can help in removing stress and anxiety that comes while studying for the exam. You can talk with your friends and family about the things that stress you. Also, you can ask for suggestions from them to get rid of tension. Merely doing this can lighten your mind and encourage you to study again for a competitive exam. Moreover, it can improve your efficiency to prepare for the exam.

  1. Listening to music

Listening to music is a sure shot way to calm your nerves. Without a doubt, studying for the exam is a tiring task. So, you can rejuvenate yourself by listening to music during the short break. Also, you can relish a nap while listening to music. It can help you to concentrate better while studying hard concepts. It is advisable not to listen to music during your study hours. Doing this can distract you while studying. Instead, you can go for a walk while listening to music. This can be a good exercise both for mind and body.

  1. Listening to a motivational podcast

Nowadays, there is not a single student who doesn’t own a smartphone. So, why not use it for your betterment? You can easily listen to motivational podcasts on your phone. For sure it can help you in freshening up your mind. Also, it can encourage you to give your best while preparing for the exam. Listening to podcasts can boost confidence in you to appear for the exams.

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Cracking any competitive exam would require you to use your wits’ end. Your preparation phase can become boring and tiring. To avoid boredom, you can take short breaks to rejuvenate your mind. Now the question comes: How to utilize these short breaks? You can do various tasks during short breaks, especially those that make you happy. To help candidates on this, we have jotted down some relevant ways for using short breaks. We hope that you’ll find these ways helpful. Also, we suggest you to not extend your short break beyond 20 minutes. It can fritter your time and falter your focus.

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