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The Best Christmas Gifts for a Cyclist



Best Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year when you need to come up with Christmas gifts for people around you. The lucky ones already know what they’ll put under the tree, while the rest may need a little nudge. Probably the hardest presents are those that focus on a specific interest but rest assured, they’re not impossible ones. So, allow us to gift you with ideas what to get for Christmas for a cyclist in your life and maybe even inspire you with their coolness to start riding a bike yourself.  

1.    Merino wool blend socks

You may find socks too ordinary for a Christmas gift, but who doesn’t need a decent pair? Especially if they are made from Merino wool blend making them both warm and luxurious, as well as made for cyclists. They are thin and go perfectly with cycling shoes, while their high cuff will keep your cyclist warm during the chilly breeze.

2.    A cycling computer

Now, a cycling computer is a great gift for a cyclist in your life who loves gadgets. It can display maps in full color and high resolution on the touchscreen, helping them navigate with its built-in GPS. It has all sorts of metrics a cyclist will need for rides, like accelerometer, barometer, odometer, and other necessary measurements. Moreover, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so they can connect it to a smartphone or tablet for keeping a more detailed track of their cycling progress.

3.    A packable Aeropress kit

If your cyclist is also a coffee lover, get them a packable Aeropress kit. Riding a bike to some remote spot, setting up camp, and having a cup of warm coffee may be just what they need in 2022. Best of all, you can sit on a bike yourself and join them, to see the appeal firsthand. Add a pack of quality ground coffee to this gift and you have a winner!

4.    A beanie

Just like socks, a beanie is a Christmas gift that is simple, yet welcomed, especially for winter rides. You can get a beanie from a cycling brand or you can buy a regular one at the clothing store. To make the gift more personal, you can have it embroidered with something that will have a special meaning to your cyclist. But if you want it to be even more special, you can knit one yourself. 

5.    New cycling gloves

Another clothing accessory you can turn into a Christmas present is a pair of gloves. As you know, the hands are completely exposed during rides and at times it can be seriously cold. Getting your cyclist warm and comfortable gloves may be just the thing they need, even as a backup pair. Cycling gloves are thin and carefully designed so they allow a cyclist to keep the feel of the bars.

6.    A Cupple

A Cupple is an all-in-one design for insulated bottles and a cup a cyclist can take with them. This is an eco-friendly gift, ideal for riders who try to leave sustainable life, like avoiding traveling by car and using plastic. The cup is located inside the Cupple and they will need to untwist the bottle to get to it. It has a silicone lid to keep the beverage from spilling if they want to take a sip or to during cycling.

7.    An action camera

If money is not an object, then get your favorite cyclist an action camera. This is a useful device they will love since they can record their cycling adventures in high video quality. Choose a water-resistant model they can easily attach to the helmet or bike wheel. Also, besides making videos of scenery along the way, they can review their performance and correct their riding style, too.

8.    A versatile cleaning kit

Let’s say you bought your child a bike, but you want them to learn to take good care of it, something a serious cyclist would do. We suggest you look among the accessories for kids bikes for a versatile cleaning kit. This set comes with a few brushes, each for a special purpose, and a chain cleaning tool. Proper maintenance of chain, chainring, freewheel, tires, and derailleur are key to having safe rides and a functional bike, so your kid will love it, as will you.

9.    Cycling For Dummies

Cycling For Dummies is another book from the famous dummies series that is a wonderful gift for a novice cyclist. It has everything they need to know about cycling with kids, up the mountain, and on the open road. It will also give them pointers on how to repair their bike and make adjustments for a better riding experience.

10. A thermal flask

If Cupple is not what your cyclist would love, a thermal flask is something they’ll enjoy and need. Because of the thermal insulation, a beverage can warm inside for up to 10 hours, but the cold ones will keep their refreshing temperature as well. You can choose from various designs and colors, some even big enough to fit in the backpack and carry enough liquid until the next stop.

11. Wireless headphones

Dangling wires are one of the worst things that can happen to a cyclist. So, get them wireless headphones for Christmas. They are light, comfortable, and will keep their hands firmly on the wheel. However, don’t buy any model since a cyclist needs to know what happens around them. Choose a pair with bone conduction so they can still hear what happens while riding.

12. A set of lights

Every cyclist should own a good set of lights, so gift them one. They will keep them safe and help them navigate if they like to cycle at night. Various models allow you to pick just the ones your cyclist will love, like a small they can fit in the pocket. Additionally, make sure they give off a powerful light so they can see far ahead on the dark road. Even if they ride a commuter bike, having a long flash in front of them will help avoid obstacles when road lamps are scarce.


We hope this gave you an idea or two of what to get to a cyclist in your life for upcoming festivities. If you are a cyclist too, don’t forget to treat yourself with one of the Christmas gifts from this list.



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