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The Concept Behind the Telemedicine and Its Advantages



The Concept Behind the Telemedicine and Its Advantages

The concept of telemedicine originated in the 1950s when a telecommunication facility was utilised to cater to the clinical requirements of individuals. Doctors communicated with their patients via telephone to diagnose and offer treatment to them.

Moreover, with digital upsurge, this concept has gained popularity. Today, as the understanding of what is telemedicine has gained prominence, individuals are less sceptical about opting for this service.

With the advancement of technology, the equipment used for this facility has improved too. Nowadays, doctors can also evaluate their patients through video calls while ensuring patients’ privacy. Also, the latest telemedicine software empowers doctors and healthcare professionals to provide highly accurate and convenient medical facilities to the common people.

Moreover, renowned financial institutions offer health cards to make this facility more affordable. Individuals can convert their expenditures into small monthly instalments with a health card, which they can repay conveniently.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Considering the vast population of India of around 1.37 billion, the quality healthcare services are unable to reach a large section of the society. In India, the doctor to population ratio is low, and individuals often fail to get adequate medical facilities.

Telemedicine has a considerable role to play to overcome this problem. This concept of telemedicine is not new. Nevertheless, it has only been around a decade that individuals have become familiar with what is telemedicine and its benefits.

Here is a list of advantages, which the telemedicine has to offer:

  • Saves time for both patients and doctors

Telemedicine is beneficial for individuals lacking time. Owing to the hectic schedule nowadays, individuals often end up neglecting their health. They cannot go for frequent health check-ups, which often leads to severe consequences in the future. By availing telemedicine facility, they can resolve health issues and undergo check-ups at regular intervals.

  • Improved accessibility for elderly individuals or individuals with a disability:

Elderly individuals represent a considerable share in India’s population. These individuals either face severe health problems or need medical check-ups at regular intervals. Getting medical care becomes inconvenient for this populace owing to their inability to visit health care centres. Telemedicine caters to the requirements of this section of the society by offering them quality healthcare services right at the convenience of their home. Moreover, frequent check-ups reduce the chances of severe diseases in future. Apart from the elderly, this facility of healthcare is also beneficial for persons with disability. They no longer need to visit health care centres for treatment.

  • Ensures privacy

Individuals are often apprehensive about what is telemedicine and its privacy concerns. However, telemedicine ensures the privacy of the patients. The information of a particular patient shared over the electronic medium is safe and is accessible to authorised individuals only.

  • Improved services

The easy accessibility of these services enables a large section of the population to avail health care services. Individuals living in rural areas, often find it challenging to visit medical care facility. Telemedicine helps these individuals to undergo check-ups and treatment in a hassle free-way.

  • Improves patient engagement

Telemedicine enhances patient-doctor engagement. The facility is especially beneficial for patients suffering from chronic diseases. They learn to take care of their health with guidance from experienced medical professionals.

Many individuals are still apprehensive about what is telemedicine. However, once they get habituated with it, most will find the services to be convenient. Moreover, with a Health EMI Network Card, such services have become even more affordable. The card helps to divide the medical expenses into easy-to-pay EMIs.

Benefits of using Health EMI Network Card

The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card helps bear medical expenses incurred by a user. This card provides a range of services, some of which are as follows:

  • Nationwide coverage

This card covers more than 800 types of treatments, the expense of which can be converted into EMIs. Users can seek treatment at any one of the 5,500+ medical facilities spread over 1,000 plus cities with this card.

  • Instant approval

When applying for the health card, customers of Bajaj Finserv do not have to submit any documents. New customers, on the other hand, can avail this service by providing necessary KYC documents. After a successful application, the card activates immediately.

  • High pre-approved limit

The card comes with a high pre-approved funding limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. This amount can be utilised to incur medical expenses.

  • Benefits for the entire family

A single card can be utilised to pay the medical expenses of the entire family, thereby making it beneficial to finance the health problems of a family, including spouses, children, siblings, and parents.

  • Flexible tenure

The flexible tenure of this card’s credit repayment makes medical care affordable. The card can be used by an individual to convert medical expenses into easy EMIs. They can choose a convenient tenure of up to 24 months to repay the amount.

Thus, owing to the benefits of Health EMI Network Card, individuals can opt for telemedicine most suitably. Moreover, applying for this card is simple, and customers have to pay a one-time nominal joining fee.

Neelima Bansal is a passionate blogger. She writes about her life experiences in the form of words. She had done masters in E-Business & working with a leading technology organization as an analyst.

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