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The Cookware Items That You Must Have in Your Kitchen




Have you recently moved and now have a home? When purchasing the other house items, you need to consider buying some kitchen cookware items to prepare the meals you need. These kitchen cookware items are affordable and available in the market. 

When purchasing these items, consider buying quality items to last longer, thus saving you money. Quality items will also ensure you use less time in the meal preparation and reduce the number of accidents in your kitchen. You may find some things are used more frequently than others while others are only used once in a while.

 Cookware items you must have in your kitchen.

Stainless steel skillet

The stainless-steel skillet is probably the most used cookware in the kitchen. It’s used for browning, frying, sautéing etc. It has a handle that allows one to carry large amounts without tipping. A high-quality stainless steel skillet is preferable for durability.

Saute’ pan

The saute’ pan has larger vertical sides than the skillet. A wide flat bottom also characterizes it. It’s used for cooking sauces, braise and sear meat. Their rounded sides enable fast cooking and ease flipping your food around. 


The saucepan is used for cooking stews, pasta, sauces, and soups. You can either purchase a small, medium, or large saucepan for use in your kitchen.  You may need two or three saucepans in your kitchen in different sizes as you will use them frequently. A saucepan of good quality is safe to use in the oven and dishwasher.


The stockpot has two handles for easy pouring. This large pot is big enough for cooking large meals of soups, stews, sauces, and pasta. While purchasing one of these pots, ensure you buy one with a tight-fitting lid that can hold the pool when boiling your meals.

Cast iron skillets

This cookware is of high quality and is made of the heavy iron cast; they also have a non-stick feature. Cast iron skillets can be used in your oven or stovetop for cooking. It’s inexpensive and very useful. After use, ensure you clean it with a plastic scrubber with water and dry it before storing it to prevent rust. Use a few drops of vegetable oil to wipe it before storage to keep its surface seasoned.

Grill pan

The grill pan is great for people who do not own a barbeque and want to grill their food. You can use your grill pan for grilling dishes like roasted salmon, burgers, marinated vegetables, and meatballs. It’s better than your ordinary grill as you can use it indoors using your stove and require minimal cleaning.

Slow cooker

The slow cooker is must-have kitchen cookware; it makes it convenient to cook your chicken, fish, meat, and some breakfast meals. You only need to put all your ingredients in the cooker and allow it to cook slowly while you comfortably carry out your other chores.

Rice cooker

The rice cooker makes you save time while preparing delicious meals. You can use the rice cooker for cooking your brown rice, sushi rice, and long-grained rice. It’s very fast and keeps your food hot and steamy for a long without drying or burning your rice. You can place a small steamer above your rice cooks to have your chicken, vegetables, steam fish, or dumplings cooked. 

Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker will have your meals perfectly ready in a short time.  You can have your pasta, meat, and cake cooked in your pressure cooker. However, it would help if you were very careful when using this to avoid accidents in your house.

Sheet pan and a cooling rack

These cookware items make countless meals. The sheet pans are ideal for roasting any dinners in the oven. The cooling rack is suitable for cooking meals in your oven that needs air frying like crispy chicken. These items are, however, very pricy.

Dutch oven

 The Dutch oven is heavy and large; it can be used for boiling, frying, baking, searing, and even steaming. It cooks your food slowly and perfectly. It, however, cannot be used for browning food. The Dutch oven is quite expensive but worth the price.

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