The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the education system of learning



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The covid-19 pandemic has changed the scenario all over the world as it resulted in the shut of schools over the world. Due to this change, the students and teachers have had to shift to online teaching apps for continuing the study and profession respectively. Due to this, the distinctive rise in online learning has been seen which has changed the education system dramatically. Concerning this change, the study is shifted on digital platforms and remotely. 1.2 billion children have been affected by the school closure in 186 countries due to the coronavirus.

This shift on the online platform has made different changes to the economy of the countries and people are kept on thinking about whether this adoption will last post-pandemic. Nonetheless, how much change will this shift make on the education market worldwide with respect to online teaching apps. Earlier, there was a huge growth in the education system but this shift has created problems for the overall economy. Due to this change in the education system, the use of different online software for learning and conference tools has come into existence and created other opportunities in this field.

There are some points and aspects which will help in identifying how the education system majorly the online teaching apps are dealing with the situation of pandemic-

  • In response to this pandemic, many firms or companies are providing free access to the platforms such as Extramarks, due to which the ease of access is found by the students and teachers. Amidst covid lockdown, the free online classes on the online teaching apps of Extramarks were provided.
  • This platform has a vital role in developing better understanding and platforms for the teachers and students to groom. However, this supports a large scale of remote learning so that the students develop their skills and teachers can enhance their level of experience with it.
  • Other than these, some schools are working on the partnerships of their courses and platforms so that they can be able to offer the local educational broadcast. However, the use of partnership as an option may lead to the enhancement of digital options and increment in the same. Due to this, it can be said that covid-19 has made a staggering impact on global education which may last for more upcoming years.

This response of different companies to the covid pandemic has allowed the economy to work with more potential and develop online teaching apps for better working. While some schools believe that the rapid and unplanned shift to online platforms can create a negative impact on the experience of the user that is unconducive for business growth. Other views were about the acceleration of information technology in the system of education so that the development of the economy. Due to the lockdown, it has been identified that support to an individual is required to develop a better understanding of the concepts and make a better individual. However, this may lead to making the teachers and students talented.

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