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The Crucial Role of Air Ambulances in People’s Life



The Crucial Role of Air Ambulances in People’s Life

Have you ever wondered what happens to people who fall ill or are seriously injured far away from a hospital or other emergency medical facility? For many of these people, air ambulances may make the difference between life and death in these situations. For example, in the event a patient suffers severe head injuries due to a car accident, transportation by a traditional motor vehicle ambulance to the nearest hospital may not meet the patient’s needs. A patient with severe head injuries may need to be transported by air to a trauma centre equipped to deal with such serious injuries.

There are many medical emergencies, where time is of the essence. At times like these seconds can make a difference. There are several strategies that the medical profession uses to cope with these life-threatening situations. One of these strategies involves an air ambulance. Initially, air ambulance in Delhi was only used to transport patients who are in rapid need of assistance to a waiting emergency team at a distant hospital.

While it may seem expensive to use an air ambulance, there are simply some areas that can’t be reached by road. It’s not always a question of speed, sometimes it’s a simple question of accessibility. Air ambulances have the same technology that you’ll find on regular ambulances. Stretchers, ventilators, defibrillators, and a host of other modern medical equipment.

As with many advances in our culture, it seems unfortunate to say, but the first air ambulances were used by the military. Way back as early as the Korean War, air ambulances were in use by the United States military. It made perfect sense for transporting wounded troops across hostile and inaccessible areas.

It’s not just the technological equipment on the air ambulance that makes it special, but the crew as well. Take pilots for instance. Pilots flying in non-emergency aircraft must pass a less strict and demanding series of testing. The rest of the crew is often made up of paramedics, technicians and in certain situations nurses and even doctors. For the more severe emergencies in, even more, specialist crew may be involved in the rescue and life-saving activities. It’s not unusual for surgical specialists and even anaesthetists to be included in the flight crew of an air ambulance.

Air ambulance crews have both medical and flight training. They work together as a unified team to provide the patients with the care they need while in flight. Air ambulances are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. They are available to transport patients both within a nation and internationally from one nation to another.


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