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The Evolution of Fantasy Hockey Online Game



fantasy hockey game

Most of you would have heard of apps that provides a new dimension of playing games. But most of them lack logic and do not provide the necessary imagination to play them. One of the sites that have gone on to carve out a unique identity of their own is Player Sportz. Just log on to the site, and indulge in a bout of a fantasy hockey game at the earliest. With basic knowledge levels, you can earn the bonus, discount and a host of cashback offers.

More about fantasy hockey

Without any form of physical struggle, fantasy hockey is a game that you would relish to play. In a way, you formulate a team of players and they go on to generate points. It is based on the performance in the game. The patterns of scoring or the formats are bound to fluctuate from one league to another league. No way denying the fact that this same logic is valid for a site by site basis. The only point is to choose a team based on player statistics.

There is a fair saying that fantasy hockey has taken a step from the development of fantasy cricket in India. In fact, the craze for the game of hockey has reached a new level in a country like India. Of late people are taking a liking towards the game of hockey and no wonders to the fact it has touched new levels in terms of popularity. A testimony to this fact is the mushrooming of numerous fantasy hockey leagues all over the world. With the aid of a fantasy hockey game, you can put the skill sets into use. The platform of Player Sportz gives a new start to the concept of a hockey league.

In similar stature to other sports in the country, fantasy hockey is a legal concept in India. Through a free or paid app, there is a provision to play the game. A notable feature is that this platform transfers the money on to your bank account. In fact, it works out to be a skill developed game and is not going to fall under the preview of gambling in any way. One thing is for sure it is a 100 % pure game without any legal hassles.

Steps to play fantasy hockey and be part of the cash

To win cash there are a series of steps that you have to comply

  • First you have to log in or register on to the site of Player Sportz
  • Selection of a match and then press the option of Join in
  • Then it is necessary to create your own fantasy squad. An ideal team needs to have a single goalkeeper, 3 to 5 midfielders, 3 to 5 defenders and a 2 to 3 forwards. The team is to be developed from a collection of 1000 gems from the players who are part of that particular match.
  • Then comes the time for selection of the captain and the star player. It is really important as they go on to fetch you 2 X and 1.5 X points respectively.
  • The moment a match starts the fantasy squad is going to earn points based on the performance of players in the game. The rankings, full points and results are declared once a match is over.

The benefits of playing hockey on the fantasy app

It is not only playing and winning cash once you enroll yourself in a fantasy hockey game. A notable feature of the game is that you have complete control over the line-up that provides you with a sense of opportunity of being the owner of a team.

  • Option of referring someone and earning cash- for an unlimited time you can refer and there is a potential to earn for a lifetime. This is taking into consideration the fact if you are enrolling someone on this app.
  • Instant withdrawal- By linking up your Paytm is an easy way you can withdraw cash at any point of time
  • Weekly task-with the weekly task on the platform you are assured of daily earnings and for a single week you can earn around Rs 100 per week
  • The platform even provides you with an option of earning extra cash in the process. Other than this there is also an option of the free pot. But to be availing the offers on this app there is a need for you to be live on the app regularly.

The intrinsic details of the app

To download the app is an easy task as you just have to comply with a couple of steps. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to go on to the link and download the app from there itself. Another option is to visit the webpage of the website and then you could be signing in from there. The app can be downloaded in an APK format and through a browser, you can access it. But no point to be using the App Store or Google play.

  • The complete APK file is to be downloaded. Once the process is over you can open the file
  • Now the file installation starts off in an automatic manner
  • Now in some cases the process of automatic installation is not going to start. In that case, a suggestion is to provide it with all the permissions that it seeks and then press on the tap that is installing.
  • Within a couple of minutes the app would be installed on to the phone.


Each and every fantasy app wants to ensure they are the best in the market. But it is not going to work out that in a way always. Only if the app has powerful features and is able to make a mark in the mind of users then only it is going to achieve success. Finally, there is no better habit than sharing and once you refer someone who is also bound to earn quick bucks in the process.

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