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The Force-Packed Tube Bundle Inserters



The industrialization has reached a zenith with sprawling industries and factories all over. Amongst various types of machinery used in small-scale and large-scale factories, heat exchanger plays an important role. These are the systems used for the passage of liquid or semi-solid material at high temperatures. They are made up of several metal layers from inside. It is necessary to reduce the heat generated while passingsuch molten material at high temperatures for the efficient functioning of the boilers, condensers. Tube bundle inserters are the specialized equipment that is a part of a hydraulic inducedinsertion system that efficiently works by inserting tubes into boilers, heat exchangers, and other heat exchange systems to get rid of the enormous heat generated inside the boilers.An efficient tube insertionsystem can efficiently place the tubes during the heat exchange mechanism to avoid damage in the heat exchange vessels. The hydraulic tube inserters often insert large and heavy tubesinside the walls of the shells present inthe heat exchangers.

Benefits of Tube Bundle Inserters:

  • Efficient Operation-The specialized hydraulic tube end facers are composed of necessary components that reduce the efforts that are otherwise required for the insertion of tubes inside heat exchangers for efficient operations. It has automated controlling systems controlling the pistons that are used to place the heavy tubes inside. The pistons can be operated direction of both axes, which is vertically and horizontally. This helps to pull the pistons as per the requirement.

  • High Speed-The modern system of tube end facers and inserters are provided with modern high-end automated systemsthat ensure the high speed of the tube inserters. There is the facility of auto-switch over when there are alterations in the diameter of the tubes required to be inserted inside heat exchangers. It usually inserts tube bundles at the rate of more than 4metres/minute.

  • Compact Structure-The shape and size of these tube inserting tools are very compact in size. This makes them easy and convenient to be transported. It can be assorted conveniently to carry out specific operations.

  • Long-Life- These systems can have a long shelf-life than any other system of tube insertion systems. The load put on it can be enormous. It can effectively insert large and heavy tubes inside the boilers without any difficulty. They function effectively for a long time owing to its superior quality of the material.

  • Dual Function- The tube insertion system can serve a dual function, reducing the cost of extra machinery. This unit can easily be converted from tube inserters into a double-headed tube pulling system as per convenience.

  • Unconventional Functions- The operations of these tube inserting systems generate a coaxial force of about 70 tons simultaneously. Using this enormous force, it inserts the tubes inside the shells of the exchangers and also reduces the risk of any damage to the system.


Summary- Choosing the best hydraulic tube inserting system requires a lot of research. Each aspect related to the operations of the system needs to be scrutinized properly. The budget of the entire system is also to be kept in mind while buying one. The tube inserter must have certain features for its long-term usage. Choosing the tube inserter tools made of stainless steel isrequired for long life, along with the automated process of operations inspired by the latest technologies.

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