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The Key Difference Between Mens Hair System And Men’s Toupee



Coming to terms with hair loss and can be very traumatic. A lot of men feel baffled when they have to look for hair replacement options, as there are so many types available like wigs, toupee, hair systems, or going for a permanent solution like a hair transplant surgery. Some of these terms are often mixed up and people are not aware of the difference between them. So, what do you feel –  Wigs, toupees, and hairpieces – aren’t all these the same thing? Well, not really. A hair system and a toupee are two completely different things. Read on to see what are the main differences between them.

Men’s Hair Systems

Popularly called super wigs, mens hair systems are usually designed using modern techniques with natural human hair and an invisible base. This non-surgical hair replacement system gives you the option to completely customize the hair system as you can choose your base material, the hair color and style you want, and even the density, length, texture of hair. Hair systems are attached to your scalp by tape, glue, or type of clips. This option is now gaining a lot of popularity because of its ease of implementation, versatility, and affordability.

Pros of Men’s Hair Systems:

  1. Instant results with no waiting time
  2. No pain at all
  3. Reasonable pricing
  4. A good option for temporary or permanent hair loss
  5. Suitable for people who do not have donor’s hair

Cons of Men’s Hair Systems:

  1. Requires maintenance from time to time
  2. Need for replacement of a hair system after a few months


Contrary to a hair replacement system, a toupee is a partial wig, or a hairpiece made up of natural or synthetic hair that is worn to cover your partial baldness. Toupees actually can be categorized somewhere in between a wig and a hairpiece. They are available in both natural human hair and synthetic hair. The synthetic hair is generally made of single type monofilament fibers or a blend of two or three fibers, poly filaments, acrylic, or polyester. Toupees last less long as compared to human hairpieces as they can be easily spoiled by friction and heat.

A human hair toupee is a lot more expensive than a synthetic toupee as it gives a natural look. Usually, it’s more of men who use toupees to cover the baldness. Contrary to a hair system, toupees are mass-created or factory-line made wigs that don’t guarantee a natural look.

Pros of a Toupee:

  1. Inexpensive option
  2. No customization needed
  3. Available on demand
  4. Best for the fashion-conscious who want to make a style statement

Cons of a Toupee:

  1. Unnatural look
  2. Not versatile
  3. Need to be washed very carefully

Now you know that though hair system is synonymous with a hairpiece, and toupees, wigs, hair extensions, wiglets are used interchangeably, but that is just not true, and there are big differences between these terms. So, weigh your options properly before you make a decision on which hairpiece to choose.

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