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The right formula: For A&D Tutoring, STEM learning offers a chance to innovate with individualized, tech-forward teaching



The right formula: For A&D Tutoring

Donna McGee’s son wants to be a robotics engineer when he grows up. He is 12 years old and loves Python coding.

Going into his junior high school open house, he could reference and ask questions about computer programs and coding language that fit a Grade 9 curriculum level.

Even more impressive, he had started to learn those things years beforehand, outside of class hours.

For McGee and many others in Edmonton and the surrounding area, A&D Tutoring is behind their children’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning, keeping students engaged and challenged with new and innovative programs.

This summer, McGee’s son attended A&D Tutoring’s Lego robotics, Minecraft and Python coding camps. A&D’s team provided him with individualized learning catered to his capabilities.

“They see where a child is at, and they don’t just run a basic program. If they know there’s a child that wants to learn more, they’ll give them more,” McGee says.

All three camps are pieces of the company’s teaching toolkit — full of relevant, trendy and fun STEM-inspired programs, among other options catered to their students’ needs. This summer alone, A&D Tutoring ran the Minecraft, coding and Lego robotics camps alongside a Makerspace program that teaches 3D printing, circuitry and stop-motion animation.

“A&D Tutoring is always finding new ways to teach what kids are interested in, what’s up-and-coming. They’re always a step ahead of everyone,” McGee says.

For owner Angie De Benedetto, the creation of more STEM-related programs within A&D Tutoring came from the knowledge that a science and technology curriculum is in high demand.  Edmonton tutor also encourages the development of soft skills essential in today’s (and the future’s) workforce: analytical, project planning, problem-solving, collaboration and research skills, among others.

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