Tips for Selecting Smart Glass for Home and Office



Smart Glass brings considerable value to homes and offices, including privacy enhancement, light and heat control, aesthetics, media projections, and many more. This product has found wide applications in homes and businesses, such as building walls, partitions, doors, windows, skylights, and many other specialized applications.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart Glass is a relatively new intelligent glass material that responds to current or illuminations.  For instance, private smart glass can change from opaque to transparent when exposed to electricity.  Modern buildings that use smart glass do not need to install curtains or window blinds as the smart glass provides privacy on-demand.

The Forms of Smart Glass

People are often confused while shopping for smart glass as there are two primary options in the market.  This article explores the two forms of smart glass as well as tips for selecting the right product suited to application and usage scenarios.  The two main options are:

1.Switchable Smart Film

This product takes the form of a smart film installed on existing glass and other transparent surfaces to instantly make them smart.  Many smart films are manufactured with a self-adhesive layer that allows for easy installation on existing clean, transparent surfaces. The films are supplied with remote control for switching the transparency/opacity of the smart film.

2.Switchable Smart Glass

Smart Glasses are manufactured to various specifications such as glass types, colors, thickness, and glazing technology to suit a wide range of applications.  Besides its usage in homes and offices, it is useful for projects like clean rooms, smart glass displays, glass insulation, and other special applications.

Tips For selecting Smart Glass Products

Consider Your Budget:

The cost of installing smart glass in a building can vary significantly. So, the first step is to consider your budget for the project. Typically, the cost of using smart films may be lower than smart glass but it is best to speak with a sales technician as to whether glass or film is better suited for your bespoke project. However, both solutions do tend to offer similar operational functions and integration possibilities.

Use Smart Film For Existing Glass Structures:

Buildings with existing glass structures such as newly fitted curved glass partitions, consider retrofitting smart films to save costs. This requires skilled technicians to retrofit the smart film. Technicians use a special meticulous process to prep the existing glass surface before application to ensure the longevity of the product. Their specialized expertise in the connection and testing of smart film electrical components gives the customers peace of mind.

Use Smart Glass For Special Applications:

Smart films are not recommended for smart glass special applications. The reason is simple, such applications have specific standards, including manufacturing procedures that must be followed.  That is why you should contact a smart glass specialist and discuss your specific needs to get the right smart glass product for your application.

Use Additional Integration:

Whether your home or office uses smart glass or smart film, the type of integration goes a long way to determine its “smartness”. While most small glasses offer a remote control device for controlling the smart glass opacity, you are not limited to using a traditional controller. You can leverage digital switching technology to integrate with a remote control, IoT sensors,  mobile app, or building management systems. The possibilities are endless.

Do you need further help with your home/office smart glass project? Get in touch with our professionals for a free consultation.

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