Tips to Choose the Best Inclined Platform Lifts



For the disabled and elderly–Home modifications are the next way to bring their independence back and increase the accessibility to do their daily work. From them, Inclined platform lifts are the key feature to provide seniors a hassle-free ride from one floor to another. They move along the angles of the staircase to lift a person in the wheelchair with safety and convenience. 

Installing these Inclined platform lifts in Pennsylvania is not a daunting task for you because SPN Construction Mobility is providing you these lifts at affordable rates to ensure seniors can enjoy a better and more independent ride over stairs. In this article, we help you better understand Inclined platform lifts and where you can install them to enjoy different benefits:

Different types of Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Due to their versatile nature, you can install them in your home, commercial area, or anywhere you want. The thing matter above all is they should boost the accessibility of seniors. 

Straight Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts

Speed of delivery, cost-effectiveness, and compact layout make the straight inclined platform wheelchair lifts carry the primary preference for accessibility in homes with one flight of stairs and no intermediate landings. They feature much like platform lifts; however, you can design them to maintain the extra weight of the electric wheelchair and the lifting platform. 

These lifts no longer require any greater area in your property as they hook up within the stairways without making any structural modifications. Moreover, they may gear up on both immediately or curved stairways.

Curved Inclined Platform Lifts

With age, going up/down on the stairs looks like tiresome work, and when you are in that phase of life when you need help to move on stairs is the most hectic task. This is where you have to install Inclined platform lifts on the curved staircase to ensure a safe and easy ride to seniors. 

Benefits of installing Inclined Platform Lifts:


Installing an inclined platform lift in the home keeps boosting the accessibility of elders. It provides a safe and easy move and lessens the risks of trips on the staircase.  

Inclined platform lifts come with friendly guardrails that prevent accidental rolling while moving up/down the staircase.

Hassle-free operation 

Anyone can operate these inclined platform lifts without any difficulty, and their configurations are too easy, and seniors can easily use them without assistance. 

Availability for each staircase

The most significant advantage of these lifts is that you can install them on both curved and straight staircases. There is no hard and fast rule to install and operate them.

Enhance confidence

With age, elders and the disabled lose their confidence while asking for the help of others to move. But with these inclined platform lifts, they can bring their independence back and quickly move up/down the stairs. 

Save time

Installing an inclined platform lift on the stairs can reduce time wastage. As an elderly person, you take five minutes to move up/down the stairs, but you can make this in seconds while enjoying a safe and secure ride with these lifts.


Getting the Inclined platform wheelchair lifts in New Jersey for your home after the right check of affordability defines the service provider’s level. And if this remodeling is not pocket-friendly, then everything you have planned in your mind will go at the backend. So always go with such an inclined platform lifts installation company that offers all types of home modifications at reasonable prices. 

A Final Sum Up

In the end, we can say that installing Inclined platform lifts makes a home friendly for seniors. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, your concern about the home modification will be to proceed with an established and well-known service provider near you.

SPN Construction Mobility is the right and perfect option to hire for installing inclined platform wheelchair lifts for your home. Their services regarding home modifications are outclassed and speak for themselves. They have design experts in their team that don’t destroy your stairs’ look while making such changes. So, get ready and let them build a modern and convenient home for you. 

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