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Top Best Contactless Visitor Management Software For Your Workplace



In ongoing crises of the COVID pandemic, it is very much important to maintain social distancing. But maintaining distance at workplaces can be quite difficult. Because while entering the premises there are so many formalities to be done like check-in, entering information. Therefore, there are lots of people who enter the workplace on a daily basis and this can create a rush too. So, how can distancing be maintained at such places?

Yes, but there is no need to worry now as with the evolution in time so many things have come up. So, forgoing contactless workplaces can get introduced with touchless management solutions. These are the solutions that are going to have all the information about the visitors without even coming in contact with them. At the same time, no concerns about getting in contact will come out and it will also reduce the risk of virus spread. So, if you have made your mind and want to know about some best touchless software. Then have a look at this article to have details.

Swiped On- This is one of the best touchless software that can be used for check-in of visitors. Swiped On is a software that will help you in having all the necessary information about the people entering premises. Along with this it also helps in the screening of the visitors and in case, the temperature of them is above normal then an alert is made. Host bodies are directly informed about each and everything through instant notifications. If you are finding a contactless management software for you, then this is the perfect one.

Vizitor- Vizitor is again one of the top best software for visitor management that can be used by workplaces for managing visitors. This is a software that helps in contact tracing as well as health screening of visitors. This software is designed in such a way that the whole process of your visitor check-in will go digitally. From entering the information to singing in some forms everything will be digital. Hence, there are not going to be any concerns about coming in contact with things. Get installed with this one if you like the features.

Lobbipad- Lobbipad is a 5 star rated visitor check-in software that will give you all the features needed for managing visitors. Moreover, this software is a GDPR compliance solution that empowers you to manage unexpected visitors in a professional and modern way. The check-in of visitors is done through QR code scanning and printed badges are also given to them. Therefore, all the health and safety features are also there in this software. To know more about this software, go and search on the web.

VAMS- VAMS is a cloud-based visitor management solution that helps in proper check-ins. Visitor management is done through two-factor authentication, data collection, access control, and many more. Therefore, this is a software perfect for small businesses, so if you want to have one know about the features first.

Therefore, these above-mentioned are the top best contactless visitor software management that can be used for visitor check-ins. There are many more others also, so if you want to know let us know in comments.

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