Traveling Alone: ​​How To Get Started And Why You Should Do It Now:




Traveling Alone: ​​How To Get Started And Why You Should Do It Now:

Traveling alone is something that certainly scares many, especially those who have never done it.

But at the end of this article I promise you that not only will you have understood how to do it thanks to many useful and practical tips, but you will also have a craving to leave for your next solo trip.


From there it all started and I never stopped traveling alone. I know what you’re thinking: “this is a couple’s blog, travel in two”. Yes, this is true in most cases, but we often travel alone, separated, because we both like it and above all because traveling alone is the best way to discover ourselves.

But most people never find out: they think about it on occasion maybe, then they get anxious, they get scared and in the end, they give up, waiting for an occasion in which they can leave with friends, a partner or maybe doing a group trip.

Does it remind you of anything? Is that what’s happening to you?

You are in the right place then. In this article you will find some tips to find the courage to take the first step and other practical ones to organize your first solo trip.

Overcome your fears and start traveling alone

Those who start traveling alone are gripped by fears and uncertainties, thoughts start popping up in their heads like: what if they rob me? What if I get hurt and I’m alone? What if I get sick? Etc etc.

I can assure you that these fears will be 99.9% of the time unfounded, and your biggest concern will be figuring out how to go to the bathroom with your backpack as you don’t have someone to leave it with.

Indeed, you will see that when you are in trouble you will find a lot of people who will be willing to help you.

I know that thinking of the worst is a defensive mechanism of the human mind, a survival mode that tries to limit possible damage, and that it is enough to watch a television news to get the impression that there is an apocalypse in the world and traveling is like going to war. … but I can assure you that it is not.

I have been alone in half of London, USA, France, India; while I has even been alone in Morocco and Turkey and has only had wonderful experiences.

But there is a trick if you want to start traveling alone and are full of doubts and fears: just start with small steps and from a familiar destination.

Traveling alone: ​​how to take the first Steps:

There are various ways to start traveling alone and take the first steps; one of them is to start with a familiar destination where you feel safe. For me, as I said with a little irony but also with seriousness, it was Rome at the tender age of 16.

If you are scared of taking a plane, of going to a country where your language is not spoken or you are generally full of paranoia, why don’t you go to a less demanding place?

To start it could be a place in your own country. They are all well-connected cities, Native language is spoken and therefore you have no language problems, and they are all relatively safe. Furthermore, in this way you can begin to discover the positive aspects of traveling alone: ​​the feeling of freedom, the beauty but also the difficulty of making decisions in total autonomy, the silence and boredom that turn into pure inner peace.

This is definitely the best way to approach solo travel and become familiar with this world. In the beginning, it is better to leave out organizational problems as much as possible, such as buying flights or organizing a complex trip.

You have to focus solely and exclusively on experiencing your solo journey.

Traveling alone is a journey to discover the world, but above all it is a journey to discover oneself.

Traveling alone will make you grow, it will make you understand what your limits are and you will discover that you can always get by, even in the most difficult situations.

But the best thing about traveling alone is freedom. You decide when to move, where to go, what to see, where to sleep and what to eat.

You will be the master of your life, you will be the one to pull the strings and orchestrate your journey, this will give you a unique feeling of freedom, a different perspective on life and you will find that traveling alone is one of the best ways to learn to feel good. with themselves. For Visa Related queries you can consult here

Do you know what is another reason for Traveling alone?

It is that in the end you are never alone.

In fact, traveling alone is the best way to make acquaintances: in all my travels I have always ended up on an adventure with other travelers who, like me, had decided to set sail alone to discover a piece of the world.

I have met a lot of people and this is because when you are alone you are much more open to making acquaintances, you listen more and it is much easier to create sudden friendships.

Travel to hostels or places where it’s easy to meet other solo travelers:

If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to make friends during your solo travels, that is definitely going to a hostel.

In fact, the hostel is a fantastic place, it is the best place to meet dozens of travelers who, like you, travel alone.

I met many people during my solo travels in the hostel and wonderful friendships were born with them.

In addition, the hostel is a place that organizes a lot of events for travelers. At the hostel you can all have dinner together as if you were in a big family, go out dancing or join the tours to explore the surroundings.

Well now you know how we started traveling alone and how you can too! And you, what is your biggest fear, what is holding you back and above all what are you waiting for to organize your next solo trip?

Let me know in the comments and if you have a doubt I will try to answer you as soon as possible. and you have any acquaintances who need a little push to leave alone for the world, don’t forget to send them this article.

Ah, if among the many doubts that are holding you back from organizing your next solo trip there is also the one that travel costs so much, then take a look at this article and you will see that you will change your mind.

A hug and have a good trip alone.




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