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Tricks to Take You One Step Ahead in Government Exam



How does it feel to be a government employee? Obviously, respectable and honorable ! Well, securing any government job is not a bed of roses. You have to clear an exam conducted by the government. Cracking the exam will demand you to work from your fingers to bone. Also, you should have the potential to face the fierce competition in the exam. Make sure you have a strong mindset to channel through the strenuous phases of the government exam. It is important to use intellectual ways to prepare for the exam that can help you rise above your competitors. You are going to find some easily applicable tricks in this article that can help you in effective preparation.

The charm for SSC exams among youngsters of India is not hidden. If you are going to appear for the SSC CGL 2021, this article can act as a boon for you. While preparing for any government exam, you need to be a diligent worker with determination. There are many candidates who are preparing for a government exam for the first time. To guide these kinds of candidates, we have compiled useful tips that can fortify their efficiency for exam preparation.

Here are some magical tricks that can take you one step ahead in government exam preparation:

  1. Understand exam and its level

Firstly, you need to know the details of the exam. This information is available on the official websites of the exam conducting bodies. Otherwise, when a notification is released, meticulous details of the exam are given in it. Make sure you gather the latest information on the exam syllabus and pattern. It can help you prepare a study routine for yourself.

  1. Make a strategic study plan

It is impossible to prepare for the exam without a strategic plan. Before you start preparing for the exam, make a suitable timetable. Give equal importance to every section of the exam, as it is important to qualify sectional cut-off in some government exams. It is advisable to study in small portions rather than studying regularly for 7-8 hours. Note that studying regularly for long hours can make your preparation boring and tiring. You can assign yourself short breaks to rejuvenate yourself.

Additionally, when you prepare a timetable, place hard tasks before easier ones. Completing the tough tasks first can keep you free from stress and anxiety.

  1. Pick study material carefully

Study material plays a crucial role while preparing for government exams. It is vital to pick books that cover the entire syllabus of the exam. You can find various online portals that can offer you study material for the exam. But, we can’t trust that material. So, it is advisable to seek guidance from candidates who have already cleared any government exam. Also, don’t try to hoard myriad books on your shelf. Doing this can make you feel nervous and chances are you won’t be able to study all those books. Therefore, it is essential to choose those books only that can cover your exam syllabus.

  1. Solve mock tests mandatorily

Preparation for the government exam is always incomplete, if you will not solve enough mock tests. Remember that learning the concepts is not enough, you have to do enough practice of questions. This is only possible by solving mock tests. You’ll get a variety of questions to practice through the medium of mock tests. So, try to spare at least two hours in a day for practicing mock tests. It can polish your knowledge and help you attempt maximum questions in the government exam. The speed and accuracy of solving questions can also improve. Additionally, you’ll save yourself from negative marking in the exam.

  1. Scrutinize previous year papers

Going through previous year papers is an excellent way to judge the type of questions put in the exam. Furthermore, you’ll be able to judge the difficulty level of the exam. To practice more, you can solve some previous year question papers to assess your calibre. Make improvements wherever required. This way you’ll be able to gather enough courage to appear in the actual exam. Solving some previous year papers can help you improve overall scores in the government exam.

  1. Make notes subject-wise

Every subject of the government exam is equally important, so try to make notes subject-wise. You can prepare detailed notes of theory subjects. Whereas, for practical subjects you can make brief notes on formulas, short tricks and tables. For making your notes interesting, you use different coloured pens. You can easily retain tough concepts while preparing notes. In addition to it, notes can help you revise some important concepts during final hours of preparation. So, prepare notes of every subject while studying for the government exam. This way you can increase the chances of solving maximum questions in the exam.

  1. Seek help from an ideal source

Most of the candidates can prepare for the government exams by relying on self-study. However, there are some candidates who need proper nourishment to understand the concepts. So, those candidates can take help from a reliable source that helps them ace exam preparation. Thus, enrolling in a coaching institute can serve them a number of benefits. Preparing with the help of a coaching institute can help you make an edge over your competitors. The chances of clearing the government exam in the first attempt can increase.

Every year lakhs of graduates apply for the SSC CGL exam. It is quite tough to study for this exam on your own. So, candidates can approach a prestigious institute that is adept in catering SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


Every candidate applies for the government exam with the aim to clear it. They often search for strategic tricks that can help them become dextrous in every section of the exam. We hope that the aforementioned tips in this article can help the aspirants of the government exam. They can follow these tips staunchly to crack the exam with high scores. Also, maintain a positive attitude and keep your calm while preparing for the government exam.

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