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An induction cooktop is one of the easiest cooking appliances to use and maintain. It is also very safe to use. No matter even you have a gas stove at home; it is a good idea to have an induction cooktop at home, as well. This way, you will not feel handicapped in case you suddenly run out of cooking gas. It will also give you the flexibility to make your cooking portable and you can cook in rooms other than the kitchen as well. 

Just like any other appliance, you must learn the best ways to clean and maintain your induction stove. Maintenance of every appliance starts with taking care of it before, during and after cooking.  it is important to take care not to unwittingly damage it.

What Does Maintenance Involve?

Maintenance involves using the right appliances, the right temperature, keeping it clean the right way and being careful with it. The surface of the induction cooktop is made of glass. This makes it fairly easy to clean, but you must ensure that you do not scratch it or break it.

What Precautions Should One Take?

  • Before Cooking

Before you start using it, you must understand all the operations well so that you can use the functions appropriate to your cooking. Always place it on a flat surface when cooking. The pots and pans you use should ideally have a flat bottom.

  • During Cooking

During the process of cooking, you must take care to use the right amount of food, the right temperature and programming. Once programmed, the timer or temperature cannot be adjusted. Avoid using it near wet surfaces or with wet hands else it could result in an electric shock.

  • After Cooking

How Should It Be Cleaned?

After you are done using it, switch it off and let it cool down. It should be cleaned only after that. Do not clean while it is connected to a power outlet or is hot.

  • The Cooking Surface

If you have dropped any food or oil on the cooking plate, moist soft cloth with mild detergent is sufficient for wiping it clean. Wipe again with a clean damp cloth to remove all stains.

  • The Air Inlet/Outlet

The air inlet and outlet are likely to gather dust over time. They also need to be cleaned regularly, though not on a daily basis. You can clean them using a soft cloth. Loosen the dirt using a brush. Do not rinse it or attempt to clean it in a dishwasher. It is advisable to get it serviced regularly for best performance.

An induction cooktop is a very friendly appliance to have in the kitchen. Since it limits the heat to the cooking pan and does not heat its surroundings, it is also very comfortable to use. The cooking process is also much quicker with an induction stove as compared to one with a burner. If you maintain it well, it will last you long and cook several delicious meals for you. 

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