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What Are The Signs Of Abnormal Testosterone Level



Myths surround the use of anabolic steroids click resources to see the oral anabolic steroids that are safe for you.

In case you are seeing this for the first time, anabolic steroids are synthetic substances similar to the male hormone testosterone.

Steroids are usually prescribed by medical practitioners when people suffer from delayed puberty and other related problems that can cause the body to produce low amounts of testosterone.

Testosterone is a hormone found in both humans and animals. It is more pronounced in male than female. Testosterone is produced by the men’s testicles while ovaries produce this hormone too, albeit in smaller quantities.

This hormone is mostly linked with sex drive and has a major role in sperm production. Hence, the production of testosterone increases significantly when one has reached puberty and could begin to decline in the 30s.

The muscle mass and bone mass are also affected by testosterone levels.

People with low testosterone levels are diagnosed to have low T levels.

Are there symptoms to know when someone has a low testosterone level? You’ll find out in the ensuing paragraphs.

  1. Erection difficulty. testosterone is responsible for the stimulation of sex drive in man and it also plays key role in sustaining erection.

The testosterone stimulates production of Nitric oxide which helps to trigger a series of chemical reactions necessary for an erection to occur. This compound is produced by the brain. Low T levels implies a man will have difficulty achieving an erection.

  1. Small testicle size. Man requires testosterone to develop the size of his penis and testicles. The presence of low T levels can therefore contribute to a testicle size or penis size that’s smaller than the average size.
  1. Low sex drive. Like I earlier stated, libido is strongly affected by how much testosterone is produced by man.

While it is noteworthy that there are people who experience decline in sex drive due to age, someone with low T will likely experience a more drastic drop in their desire to have sex.

  1. Consistent fatigue: it’s been observed by medical professionals that people with low testosterone levels often complain of fatigue and are mostly unmotivated to work.
  1. Hair loss: testosterone plays a role in hair production and the loss of facial hair or becoming bald could be due to a decline in the levels of testosterone in the body.
  1. Decreased bone mass. This is a condition that often appears in women but men with low testosterone levels can also experience the thinning out of bone mass.

The testosterone is a hormone that contributes to the production and strengthening of bone.

  1. Mood swings. Abnormally low T levels can affect the mood of people. It also influences a condition where the brain retention and retrieval capacity performs poorly.

According to a research study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, some research studies have linked testosterone supplementation with improved memory in men with low levels.

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