What Do HVAC System Technicians Do on a Maintenance Call?




Calling an air duct cleaning in Canton service is a good idea. But what will an HVAC system technician do during a visit? Well, here we will discuss that. But before that, let us have a look at the duties of an HVAC Technician.

Who is an HVAC Technician, and what do they do?

He is the one who performs inspections and repairs to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems; that control the temperature and air quality in buildings or homes. In most cases, an HVAC technician may also specialize in installing, repair, or maintaining HVAC systems and equipment.

However, some technicians may be specialized in working on a specific HVAC component. These components include, but are not limited to, solar technology, commercial refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that control the temperature, humidity, and air quality in residential and commercial buildings. They also work on refrigeration systems for safe storage and transportation of food, medicine, and other perishable items. Their services also include dryer maintenance and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Canton.

 What are the Job Duties of an HVAC Technician?

 most  technicians will provide the following services:

  • Testing of pipes or tubing joints or possible leaks.
  • Testing of all electrical circuits or components for continuity or any issues that may arise.
  • Repairing or replacing all defective equipment on or outside the HVAC system.
  • Improving HVAC system performance by changing filters, cleaning ducts, or refilling refrigerants.
  • Installing, connecting, or adjusting thermostats, humidistats, or timers.
  • Connecting HVAC equipment to fuel, water, or refrigerant sources as required.
  • Studying blueprints and other specifications to ensure coverage or any issues that may not be easily detectable.
  • Following government rules and regulations for HVAC technicians to ensure safety on duty.
  • Adjusting system controls to balance the system.
  • Assembling, positioning, and mounting HVAC equipment during inspection or maintenance.
  • Cutting or drilling holes in buildings’ structures.

HVAC System Working Environments and Conditions

 Usually, HVAC technicians work indoors in buildings, but they can sometimes work outdoors to service heat exchangers. They may also have to operate in tight spaces or very hot or very cold buildings with a defective HVAC system. It has been seen that a vast number of HVAC technicians are employed by plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning contractors. On the other hand, a small number of technicians are self-employed or work in education, retail trade, and wholesale trade. HVAC technicians are usually employed by services like Air Duct Cleaning in Canton

A Maintenance Walk-through of an HVAC Technician

As you may know, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The trained HVAC technician who comes to your home to inspect your system or perform preventive maintenance will check all the systems. Or they can check a specific one, depending on your requirement. For inspecting a furnace and an air-conditioner, here is a look at the working of an HVAC Technician on a standard call.

 Steps for Furnace Inspection and Maintenance of an HVAC Technician 

  1. Replacement of the air filter. Ideally, replacement should do it about 4 times a year. You may also ask your technician to show how the technician can change a filter. 
  2. Checking and properly calibrating or setting the thermostat. An HVAC technician will recalibrate it if it is out of sync, which will help you save on energy bills.
  3. Inspecting connections and tightening any loose ones as needed. An HVAC technician will also measure the voltage and the current on the motors and then lubricate the moving parts if needed.
  4. An HVAC technician will inspect the condensate drain in your furnace or boiler.
  5. The HVAC technician will also check system controls to ensure they are operating correctly and safely.
  6. A good HVAC technician will let you know if there is a need for any repairs based on their inspections. They may provide a quoted price for repairs before doing the work.

Most HVAC technicians follow the above rules when inspecting a furnace. Some Dryer Vent Cleaning in Canton services may also follow these steps for dryer vent inspections.

Steps for Air Conditioner Inspection and Maintenance of an HVAC Technician 

  1. The first thing checked is probably the condenser coil. It will be cleaned with either pressurized water or a chemical cleaning agent if it is filthy.
  2. An HVAC technician will check the thermostat next by running it for 5 to 10 minutes at a lower temperature to ensure proper working at the required operating pressure.
  3. The technician will take a wet bulb reading next to see if there are any issues there.
  4. Super-heat and the sub-cooling system will be inspected to make sure your air conditioning system is charged correctly.
  5. There may be an issue with motor amperage, which an HVAC technician will inspect, so it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.
  6. If the technician found any problems in the above steps, they will let you know the cost of each issue and make all necessary repairs after.

 Steps you can take to Prevent Problems and Save money

As we know, a routine inspection and maintenance can save money in the long run. Malfunctions can occur at any time and may not be easily detectable, which can lead to a replacement for your furnace or air condition. Inspections can help detect possible issues earlier that can save you additional cots later.

 Just make sure to call Air Duct Cleaning in Canton services if you need professional help during your maintenance.

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