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What I need to know to immigrate to Australia.




Australia is promoting are permanent residence visas and are known as Skilled visas. It is not about job offers, but about a qualified migration project. If you have the right profile, the Australian Government will grant you a permanent visa with a work permit.

By obtaining a permanent residence visa you will have the right to:

Live and work in Australia permanently;
Study at Australian universities at the same cost as an Australian citizen;
Have access to the excellent Australian public health system that is free;
Enroll your children in high-quality public schools at no cost;
Register your Australian-born children as Australian citizens;
Have access to government subsidies (including payments of AUD $ 672.60 per week for 18 weeks for having your baby);
Apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years of residence in the country.


The first thing we have to know is that to emigrate to Australia there are four simple requirements to meet.

Be under 45 years old;
Have a reasonable level of English (approximately 6.0 in IELTS);
Have the qualifications and work experience related to any of the occupations in demand in Australia;
Finally, get the minimum required in the points test for the visa.

The process:

The visa process takes 12 months and the cost varies depending on the complexity of your case and the number of people included in the visa and ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 12,000. The visa payment is made as the process progresses, that is, you do not need to have the entire amount of money available before starting the process.

Once the visa has been approved, you have up to 12 more months to move to Australia and activate the visa. This extra time can be spent saving for travel and looking for a job in Australia. As a permanent resident with the right to work full time and all civil rights, this process is much easier.


Job opportunities in Australia:

To give you an idea of ​​the job opportunities in your area in Australia, we invite you to visit the following LINK and investigate the offers in your profession.

Study to migrate:

If you cannot apply for a visa directly, you can always study for 2 years in Australia and apply for the visa at the end of the course. If you study a degree level course, you can apply for a two-year work visa after graduation. This would allow you to live and work in Australia for a total of four years, including two years studying and two years on full-time work permit.

With a student visa you can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester of classes and full time during the holidays. If you have a partner and you sign up to study a Master’s degree, your partner will be able to work full time during the entire study period. This represents an opportunity to get a full-time work visa for your partner while you are studying.

Not all courses allow you to apply for permanent residence at the end of your studies. If your plan is to emigrate to Australia permanently, there are very important implications when choosing what to study, where to study it and when, since this decision can permanently affect our ability to obtain a permanent residence visa.

It is imperative that you speak with an immigration agent, and not with an education agent. Educational agents cannot give advice on permanent migration.

Find out in 3 minutes if you are eligible to work in Australia about what your options are to emigrate to Australia.

Start your journey (families, de facto and same-sex couples included) now!
To assess your eligibility you must book a personal consultation with one of our attorneys.

The purpose of the consultation is to confirm your eligibility based not only on the basic criteria, but on the specific criteria for your case. The consultation can be made by Skype.

During the consultation, the lawyer will explain the specific steps of the process and the strategy that will be followed in your particular case, and of course answer any questions you may have. It will also send you the results of the immigration assessment and a quote for the immigration process.

Migratory Program:

Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world, after almost two decades of consecutive growth, the unemployment rate has decreased to one of the lowest in the world. As a result of nearly three decades of structural and policy reforms, Australia’s economy is flexible, resilient and increasingly integrated into the global marketplace.

Australia’s economic strength has stood out in recent years for its ability to withstand a number of external and internal events, including major droughts, recessions in the United States, economic and financial crises in Asia and Latin America, and more recently the crisis. financial world.

Since 1991, Australia’s real economy has grown at an average of 3.3 percent annually, combined with the ongoing economy investment, the mining boom, and demographic changes related to an aging population, there is genuine demand of skilled workers within the Australian economy that cannot be covered by local supply. Invite Partner or Spouse after getting PR in Australia in a easy way.


Qualified Migration:

The response policies that the Australian Government has taken in relation to the shortage of qualified personnel and the demographic changes that Australia faces, is the Skilled Migration Program. People with the in-demand qualifications in Australia are invited to permanently migrate to this country. The qualified migration program is the mainstay of the migration program, it allows people who have no previous relationship with Australia to migrate to this country, and after 4 years living here you can apply for Australian Citizenship.

The benefits of the Skilled Migration Program are exceptional and bring together highly qualified people with extensive work experience to fill positions that could not otherwise be filled. The benefits for migrants are great, by receiving a visa a new Australian can expect to find a highly interesting and well paid job.

In 2012 the Australian Government granted 125,850 visas through skilled migration, and in 2013, the number increased to 129,250 visas. It is expected that by 2014 the visas granted will be around the same figures. It should be mentioned that these numbers do not include visas granted through the employer sponsorship system.


Adapting within the Employment Sector in Australia:

According to the Department of Immigration, Australian migrants initially have an unemployment rate similar in number to native-born Australians. At 6 months of adaptation, the unemployment rate for migrants in Australia is around 5 percent, and six months later, the unemployment rate for this group drops to less than half the previous percentage. Starting 12 months after the migration process, 8 out of 10 skilled migrants have a full-time job and almost three-quarters of skilled migrants are in specialized work. (DIBP website, 2014)

Australia Study Educational Services:

They can advise you on Australian visas: we work with a registered immigration agent and a law firm. We have been advising professionals about working in Australia for over a decade.

In Australia it is illegal to advise on Australian visas without being qualified to do so. Always confirm that you are speaking with a chartered immigration agent.

In addition to organizing all kinds of Australian visas, we are also specialists in studying in Australia and we organize English courses


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