What is the Text Documents application for?



Documents offers several functions to edit Text and Spreadsheets and Presentations documents from Webmail.



▪ Use formatted text documents for your correspondence. Use tables and pictures within documents.
▪ Use spreadsheets in native Microsoft Excel format to work with charts, spreadsheets, and formulas.
▪ Edit a document in collaboration with other users.
▪ Use the rest of the business mail applications to organize your documents, send them by e-mail or share them with users or external collaborators.

  1. Text Editor:


2.1 Components of the Text editor


New from template

Contains a list of templates for various documents. Click on a template to create a new document. This document will be a copy of the template.

When you create a new document or edit an existing one, the Edit Text page opens.


2.2 The Text editing page components

Textsheet menu bar

The menu bar includes the following items:


 Tab File . Displays the File toolbar that allows you to apply file functions.

▪ Format tab . Displays the Formatting toolbar that allows you to format the content of the document.

▪ Insert tab . Displays the Insert toolbar that allows you to insert tables, images, text boxes, hyperlinks, tabs, and line or page breaks in the text.

 Notifications about the saving process. Notify if all document changes have been saved.

▪ Review tab . Displays the Review toolbar that allows you to use the spell checking tools and the change tracking tools.

▪ Undo icon Undo the last operation.

▪ Recover icon Retrieve the last operation that was undone.

▪ Change search icon Displays controls for finding or replacing text strings.

▪ View button . Opens a menu with the following entries:

 Functions to enlarge or reduce the text.

▪ Show toolbars check box . Defines whether the toolbars are always displayed.

▪ Show collaborators check box . Determines whether the list of editors for the document is displayed. This function is only activated if the document is edited in collaboration with other users

▪ Close document icon Close the Format window.

File toolbar


It contains the following tools:
 Field Rename document . To rename the document, click on the file name.

▪ Save to Drive button . Opens a menu with the following items:

▪ Save as . Save the selected document under a different name or in another folder.

▪ Save as template . Save the selected document as a template.

▪ Autosave check box . Defines whether the document is automatically saved at regular intervals.

▪ Page Settings icon Opens the Page Settings dialog box . The dialog window contains page setup tools.

 Default values ​​for paper formats, page orientation, paper margins

 Fields for paper size, paper margins

▪ Download icon Download the selected document.

▪ Print as PDF icon Generates a PDF version of the current document.

▪ Send as email icon Sends the selected document as an email attachment.


Format toolbar

Contains the following tools:

 Character formatting tools

 Font family, font size


 Text color, highlighted text color

 Paragraph formatting tools

 Paragraph alignment, line spacing

 Paragraph fill color, paragraph borders

 Paragraph style, clean formatting

 Bullet list, numbered list, decrease one level, increase one level

Insert toolbar


The following items are available.

▪ Table button

▪ Image button

▪ Text box button

▪ Comment button . A comment field is displayed in the margin of the document. In addition to the comment text, it contains the following:

 The publisher’s name

 The date and time the comment was created

 Icons for editing and deleting the comment

Functions to hide and show comments can be found in Toolbar


▪ Hyperlink button

 Buttons Tab , Line Break , Page Break

▪ Header & footer button . Opens an area at the top of the page where you can type your heading text. Additional items are displayed below the header.

▪ Header button . Opens a menu with the following items:

 Settings that allow you to decide whether different headings should be used in certain parts of the document.

Depending on the selected setting, the title of the Header button changes.

 Deletion of all headers and footers of the entire document.

▪ Go to footer button . Opens an area at the bottom of the page where footer text can be written.

▪ Close button . Finish editing the header or footer.


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