What Practices Are Used for Selling SMF Batteries?



Are you looking to start selling SMF batteries? If so, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some standard practices for selling these batteries. This article will outline methods commonly used for selling SMF batteries in Gurgaon. By following these tips, you’ll be able to start selling your batteries confidently and successfully.

Maintaining a Secure Environment Where minimal maintenance and space requirements are the primary considerations, available batteries get widely used. It gets used in UPS systems because of its maintenance-free and environmentally friendly features. SMF batteries don’t need to get topped up with water or acid, and they don’t need to be maintained. No water gets lost during the charge-discharge cycle, and the battery operates on the oxygen recombination principle. An SMF battery is also a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery.

The following are the essential characteristics of an SMF battery:

  1. It is small and may get oriented in any direction, such as vertically or horizontally.
  2. Because the acid is in the shape of a gel, the battery emits no fumes or smells.
  3. Because there is no leakage or water spill, who can place the battery in the equipment before transportation.
  4. More cost-effective than other battery types.

New SMF batteries get developed to improve performance while remaining cost-effective. Some specifically developed batteries include deep discharge batteries for longer cyclic life, high discharge batteries, front access batteries to check terminal voltage, gel type batteries for longer cyclic life and temperature tolerance, and some specifically developed batteries.

Cyclic life is long.

The SMF battery requires no maintenance and has a longer cycle life, which offsets the higher initial cost. The cutoff voltage set in the equipment is one of the essential components of battery life for equipment use. For inverter systems using high current batteries, such as 150Ah, for example, a cutoff voltage of fewer than 10.5 volts can shorten the battery’s life. What will extend the battery life if the cutoff voltage is set to 11.5 volts? since the battery will not enter the deep discharge state.

How can the performance of the SMF battery be improved?

It is vital to regularly monitor the battery’s performance to extend its life. Here are some suggestions for improving battery performance.

  1. To avoid a high-temperature environment, the SMF battery should get positioned in a well-ventilated area. The float life gets cut in half for every 10-degree increase in air temperature.
  2. To avoid deep discharge, set the cutoff voltage to 11.5 volts in a 12-volt battery and 4.5 volts in a 6-volt battery.
  3. It’s critical to avoid a no-load battery drain—extra equipment components such as sensors, displays, and indicators waste power in the no-load state.
  4. For SMF batteries, boost cumulated float charging is appropriate. If power outages frequently occur, who should charge the battery as soon as possible to ensure it gets fully charged before the next outage.
  5. If a problem develops, such as low backup time, battery heating, or low terminal voltage even after continuous charging, what should address the battery right once.
  6. If the equipment is unused for an extended period, it should be charged once a week. What can extend the battery to 3-5 years if it is allowed to set and drain often?


In this blog, we introduce you to a few standard practices used for selling SMF batteries. By reading, you will be better equipped to market and sell your batteries in the most effective way possible. By doing so, you will better understand how Amaron authorized dealers in the Gurgaon market sell to the right customers. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out!

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