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If its called a Smart TV, you can safely assume it will be a LED TV. LED TV’s elevate your viewing experience to new heights undoubtedly, with crystal clear display and immersive colors. As Black Friday approaches, many of you eagerly await jaw-dropping  Black Friday deals for LED TV’s.

In this article, we highlight some of the essential features that a Smart TV should incorporate, which would assist you in making the correct purchase during this year’s Black Friday sale. So if you wish to buy the best smart Tv within a limited budget, check out the features and make a vise decision.

Criteria for being Smart TV

 The first criterion you need to check is whether a LED TV model is Smart or not is by checking whether it’s powered by an operating system such as Android. Further, you should verify the quality of its connectivity with various devices or access to different apps. For example, internet connectivity, USB ports, set-top box compatibility or screen mirroring for computers, laptops, and tablets. Some built-up applications that should be present in a Smart TV should be popular streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Screen Size

You need to check the screen size because you are always looking to buy a screen size that suits your needs and your room dimensions.  Smart TV is generally a large TV. Since it will cost you quite a bit of money, purchasing a Smart LED TV with a screen size of 32” or above will actually be future-proofing your purchase.  Smart TV’s are also available at a whopping 80”, hence you’ll be spoilt for choice as regards the screen size of the TV.

Panel Technology

Currently, some panel technologies that are available in the market include LED, OLED, and QLED. Broadly defined as a TV technology that affects the picture quality of the screen of the TV, every technology uses a different method. Further, the type of panel technology used in Smart TV also affects its price range.

Screen Resolution

The more the number of pixels in a screen resolution, the finer the details, and the sharper the picture. The manufacturers offer Smart TVs at various screen resolutions such as 8K, 4K, and HD resolution. Obviously, the type of screen resolution also affects the price range of the product. HD is excellent for a Smart TV up to 48” screen size. However, with larger LED TVs, 4K remains the best choice, as the visual clarity is not compromised.

Refresh Rate

The next criteria, you need to check is the refresh rate of the image measured in Hertz (Hz). The refresh rate can be described as the times an image is refreshed on the screen in a second. According to experts, the standard refresh rate of a TV is 60 times a second. However, on a Smart TV,  you should ideally go for  120Hz, as 60 Hz can make a fast-moving picture appear blurry, especially when you’re watching action movies or sports events.

HDMI Connections

One more aspect when purchasing your Smart TV during  Black Friday deals for LED TV’s is checking the number and types of HDMI inputs it has. With multiple HDMI ports, you can add various devices that range from a soundbar, a game console, a keyboard, to DVD players, and  Chromecast.


Purchasing a Smart TV during Black Friday sale saves you tons of cash since the biggest TV brands such as Sony, Samsung, and LG churn out unbelievable discounts to woo potential customers. Most people are waiting for sales days so that they can have a good bargain on costly products like TVs.  Especially since the gloomy cloud of coronavirus is now gradually retreating, Smart TV buyers and manufacturers alike are waiting to reap maximum benefit by jumping on the Black Friday sale bandwagon.

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