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CBSE helps in the overall development of students – in sports, arts, learning, knowledge, etc, with its various policies. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is considered the most preferred and affordable school and are one of the best school in Coimbatore. Now, here we are going to through some light on the features of their syllabus, the CBSE board’s importance and its objectives, and CBSE’s primary focus.

Importance of CBSE board

The CBSE is a central education system that maintains consistency among all its students.

CBSE follows a compact structure of education, which makes the CBSE syllabus easier to understand than that of other boards.

CBSE education structure allows the student to study strictly, and intellectually and develop skills simultaneously. The CBSE education system helps the students to study strictly and also gives them time to develop skills in non-academic areas. It provides basic and general knowledge which is very essential for the student. Many entrance exams are based on the CBSE syllabus. Therefore, when it comes to cracking the engineering and medical entrance exams, CBSE students rank above others. This education system offers less expensive and affordable education. And the one who can’t afford to buy the books can download the books online through the internet as they are available on the internet, and can get free advice through online experienced teachers. CBSE is a boon for students. It is recognized all over the country, its certificate is acceptable all around the world and therefore it is easier for the student to go abroad and continue their studies in foreign universities.

There are various objectives of CBSE

  • To grant qualifying certificates to those who are successful candidates of affiliated schools.
  • To instruct and advise the course of the examination.
  • To manage and fulfill the requirements of those students whose parents have transferable jobs.
  • To conduct the examination in a free and fair manner.
  • To authorize the public examination of class 10 and class 12 at the end of the session.
  • To provide stress-free, child-centered, and holistic education to all the students without compromising education quality.

Features of CBSE syllabus

Many basic subjects and languages are taught in CBSE schools. The basic subject includes – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, etc. The CBSE syllabus is designed in such a way that it prepares the student for various entrance examinations like – IIT – JEE, and AIIMS.  CBSE follows the guidelines of the National Council of Education Research and Training ( NCERT)  which gives uniformity in education.

Some green time for growing minds. Experiencing nature with children

Provide scope for the social, intellectual, and physical development of the student. Provides equal opportunity to all students by promoting inclusive education.

The primary focus of CBSE

CBSE schools are considered the most preferred schools. CBSE syllabus has many unique features which makes it a top choice above others for most students. It offers quality and standard education for students. It not only focuses on clearing exams but also teaches students some basic ethics of life. It helps in building skills and also helps to generate professional interest in different fields and the syllabus is efficient for most entrance exams for doctors and engineering.

CBSE also focuses on the primary knowledge of the student and teaches them the primary ethics and respect towards a person mentioned in the Constitution.


CBSE has very unique features and its syllabus pattern is very different from that of others. And they offer multiple choices in subjects and in professional fields. Hope this has given you a short brief about CBSE and now you can make the decision for your child wisely. And if you are looking for CBSE schools in Coimbatore you can check CVM as it is to be said the finest school in Coimbatore.

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