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Why Do People Think Funeral Memory Boards are a Good Idea?



Why Do People Think Funeral Memory Boards are a Good Idea

Death is distressing, and so are the death-related rituals. Everyone hates to be a part of such a depressing and remorsing environment. They hate to be asked to accept losing their beloved and reminisce about the memories. They struggle to hold their emotions while consoling others and preparing for funerals.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. A person you loved and cared about deserves a happy ending and an honorable funeral where everyone recognizes the actual personality of your loved one.  Here’s what you can do.

Personality Oriented Funeral

This thing is common in many cultures across Africa. Here people learn about the interests and achievements and design the whole funeral memorial service around it. For instance, if the person was a foodie and loved coke, his/her coffin was designed to look like a coke bottle. You can also try to have a feast with all their favorite dishes. In some cultures, the ceremony also includes dance and music to mark the start of a new life. 

There is no set criteria or demand for this type of funeral. You can customize it according to your budget, culture, and the loved ones’ life.

Funeral Memory Boards

When it comes to sharing the light of a person’s life during his/her, funeral memory boards are a real deal. These things allow you to display all the happy memories of the person for others to see. It is a reminder that the person may have a limited period, but he/she lived a happy life. 

You can get multiple sizes and types of funeral memory boards for the ceremony. Like, you can add one board with all the moments from the person’s married life, another with his/her professional life, and one from friends/family. The possibilities are just endless. 

You can meet their friend, check their photo books, collect social media images, and then use all of them for the funeral boards. It will act as a central attraction and divert the attendees from the sorrow towards the actual person. The boards may even bring smiles on some faces. 

Innovate Memorial Cards

Memorial cards are a common part of every funeral service. They are these small cards that include photos and details of the demise. Traditionally, they work as a communication means to let people know about their loved one’s demise and invite them for the last meet. 

They are the first information sharers, and if you are looking to reduce sorrow from a funeral, innovate them. You need to include the main details, but you can always replace some details with something better. For instance, you can write the person’s favorite song, poetry, quote dialogue, and more.

Apart from the writing part, you can also redesign the whole card. For instance, you can try using pocket-sized funeral service cards instead of the regular card. It’s also a great idea to use a photograph type card. There are many different templates and designs that you can find online or at a funeral home. 

With some personalization, these cards will act as a constant reminder of the person’s influence over the funeral attendees. The innovative design will also ensure that they can keep it in the wallet or hang it on the wall after the service. 

Final Words

Funerals are dark times, and it’s never easy to say goodbye to someone who mattered in your life. They leave a void in your life, which never gets filled. But the person’s last memory should not be dull or unpleasant. It shouldn’t be about their death or the sorrow that follows. It should be about their life and the light they shared.  It’s not easy, but someone so special deserves a special tribute. Besides, your loved ones would never want you to cry in any condition.

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