Why Is There A Strong Demand For 5G In Emerging Markets Like India?



Demand for 5G smartphone

Most major smartphone brands have started rolling out their latest 5G enabled smartphones. But does it really make sense to buy a 5G smartphone in India? Especially when you consider that most telecom providers are nowhere near launch-ready to support 5G networks. An article by Business Insider elucidates how the 5G network still has a long way to go, and will not see the light of day before mid 2021. So the question begs: why is there such a strong demand for 5G smartphones in India?

This article takes a look at a few reasons why the demand for 5G smartphones in India and other emerging markets has skyrocketed, and how this impacts you.   

#1 2nd Largest Mobile Market

First reason is owing to India being the second-largest mobile market in the world. The potential for new technology is immense, especially under the current landscape. The increasingly growing consumption of mobile internet data, and the demand for cheaper network bandwidth is pushing the mobile market towards next-generation technology. In anticipation of this major transition, consumers are gearing up with the latest technology 5G devices to be future-ready. This has created a demand in the market, with manufacturers making the most during the transition.

#2 Mobile Spectrum

The auctioning of mobile spectrum has played a critical role in how mobile network prices have consistently remained amongst the lowest in the world. In a recent press conference, India’s Department of Telecommunications announced that it was expected to carry out 5G spectrum auctioning by the first quarter of Digital marketing news 2021

This is great news for mobile operators, consumers, and smartphone manufacturers alike. This release of spectrum will trigger growth in the Indian telecom industry, thereby positively impacting in a top-down manner. This new technology is all set to completely redefine mobile experience, and change the way we work, keep ourselves engaged and stay updated.    

#3 Attractive Prices

In addition to being future-ready with the latest technology, 5G phones have seen a considerable lowering in price. 5G devices like Samsung new mobile line-up are seeing smartphone launches for as low as 30,000 INR. The cost-effective nature of these devices means that consumers won’t have to wait for a forecasted decrease in prices. These devices can be purchased today without having to pay an arm and leg.

#4 Power-packed Feature Set

Most manufacturers that are launching 5G smartphones today are adding this key technology to their high-end range of smartphones. Buyers looking for high-end performance smartphones or “flagship killers” invariably end-up with a 5G mobile device. With smartphone manufacturers pushing the envelope by introducing newer technology at unbelievable prices, the demand for 5G smartphones in India, and other emerging markets has seen an acute rise.

#5 Competitive Pricing

A quick look at the history of different mobile networks at the launch of new technology will reveal that none of them were really all that popular initially. For instance, it took a few years for 4G networks to become commonplace, and attain mainstream popularity among the masses. This time around, smartphone manufacturers are ready with their latest 5G devices, with each one trying to gain an upper hand over the other. 

This competition has not only led to an all-round lowering of prices, but has seen newer technology and features being integrated into mobile devices like never before. This time around, the launch of 5G will see a greater maturity of the markets with the technology being received by a higher percentage of people.

Emerging markets like India have proved to be a high demand, high volume market for new technology, and 5G is proving to be no different. Unlike in the past, where the latest technology was out of reach for most average consumers, this time around, technology like 5G will likely become mainstream. With 5G making its way into the market by 2021, it’s yet to be seen which manufacturer will gain most by its introduction. But one thing’s for sure: the winner will be the consumer this time around.  

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