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Why Music lovers are crazy about Vienna



Guitar Teacher in Vienna

Ever heard, “I want to shift to Vienna just so I can take guitar lessons?” Well, I did. And I had to hear it all the time. One of my close friends is a hardcore music lover and her obsession with “guitar lessons Vienna” made me research Vienna’s history. It’s only then I realized how right she is in this matter. 

Home to Music: 

Vienna is known to be the pivot of all music. 

In fact, Vienna is Austria’s pride because it established itself as one of the greatest culturally successful and acclaimed cities. 

The Viennese culture is rooted in classical music and dance. They came up with opera houses, concerts and musicals that are today extremely renowned globally. Especially, platforms like Broadway are inspired by Viennese musicals. 

Viennese classical period: 

In19th century, classical music flourished in Vienna. Big names like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven along with many other famous composers moved from Germany and other parts of Europe to Austria specifically to establish themselves  in the Viennese music industry. Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert, Joseph Hadyn and Alban Berg are just some names besides Mozart and Beethoven who created prolific music and strengthened Vienna’s musical reputation. Due to these artists’ great contributions towards the music industry, tremendous sculptures dedicated to them stand tall in Vienna. 

Musical events: 

Today, the tradition continues as the wonderful shows are offered in Vienna’s historically famous venues, including the State Opera House, Volksoper, and the Wiener Konzerthaus. A special annual event, known as “The Summer Night Concert” takes place at the end of May inside the grounds of Schonbrunn. It’s an incredible night including music groups from around Austria performing celebrated pieces. With a crowd of nearly 100,000 individuals, it is one of the most famous traditional music occasions in Europe and guarantees a remarkable night.

Contemporary Music: 

With the modernization of almost everything, music is also not out of the list. It has evolved enormously. It has made a long journey full of experimentation and innovation. From classical to jazz to pop to rock n roll to heavy metal to electronic pop to indie, music has definitely widened its spectrum and with this new change, Vienna isn’t ready to back down from its title. It has evolved as well and embraced all forms and all genres of music with its own touch of novelty and twist. 

Hub of musical opportunities: 

Vienna is a hub of musical opportunities. Music lovers dream of settling down in Vienna and aspire to become great musicians while breathing in the inspirational air of the city’s musical culture and tradition. Aspiring artists move to the city in order to learn and grow as great musicians. Learners entrust themselves with Vienna’s musical coaches and teachers to improve and make the best out of their talents, just like my friend who dreamt of finding her guitar teacher in Vienna. 


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