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Why Should You Buy Taj Residencia Plots 2021?



Why Should You Buy Taj Residencia Plots

Everything regarding the residential building is enticing, and it will almost certainly attract investors. Taj Residencia is in an excellent placement. The successful housing society span a 10,000-Kanal site. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved Taj Residencia’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). The housing society provides properties at reasonable prices while yet providing a luxurious living. The preceding are a few compelling advantages of investing in Taj Residencia that will explain the benefits of doing so:

  • Location:

The Taj Residencia is in a great setting location-wise, running adjacent to two major highways, I-14 and I-15. Although the housing community is located in Rawalpindi, it is also near Islamabad. The Taj Residencia’s placement is without a dispute the most compelling point in investing in it. Allama Iqbal Colony, Afshan Colony, Kohsar View Residential Building, CPEC Road, Mistrial, the central city of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Jhangi Syedan, and, most significantly, the Islamabad International Airport are all within walking distance of the Taj Residencia.

  • Owners and Developers:

Sardar Group of Companies is behind Taj Residencia. Since its inception, the company has steadily proven it is worth and established a name for itself in the property and construction industries. Originally, they worked in the automotive sector, renting and trading cars. Taj Residencia is already generating buzz because its name is linked to a group of developers that have previously proven themselves to be exceptional and deserving by delivering several lucrative projects. Like the expert staff of Lahore Smart City, the developer’s team consists mainly of experienced strategists, architects, economists, constructors, and builders.

  • NOC:

Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is crucial for all housing and commercial developments since it assures the development’s legality and validity. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has given Taj Residencia its nod of approval (RDA). Therefore, all development taking place within the residential society’s grounds is legal. The gated community has the competence to design and construct the residential project following their master plan, something they have created so that the clients and investors of the residential complex would be satisfied.

  • Masterplan:

The housing society’s master plan is built so that it becomes one of the primary advantages of investing in Taj Residencia. Taj Residencia is a 10,000-Kanal development situated parallel to two sections of Islamabad, I-14, and I-15. It is well-distributed, with a large area of property set aside for business and residential use. Markets, institutions, health care centers, and mosques are all located near the residential section of the residential project, according to the master plan created by the developers. Furthermore, the housing society’s grand scheme shows where the roadways and key thoroughfares are intended to go, and it shows that the gated community has a large network of routes that are quite broad and open. There are two phases to the Taj Residencia. Phase I of the residential program is virtually finished, but a significant amount of the land has been set aside for Phase II.

  • Amenities & Facilities:

Occupants of the Taj Residency get access to all of the essential and modern services and amenities. Homeowners of the housing estate have access to basic services such as underground power, water, and gas. There is also a modern underground drainage network and a sewage system to remove the rainwater. Furthermore, there is no interruption in the provision of pure water or gas. Similarly, mosques, stores, medical facilities & health care centers, academic institutions, parks & gardens, and restaurants are available to inhabitants of the housing complex.

  • Safety & Security:

Tenants of the Taj Residencia enjoy a safe and secure atmosphere. It is a well-protected housing complex that does not take any risks with its inhabitants’ safety. The go-through entrances are placed at the housing scheme’s gateways to guarantee that no illegal individuals enter the private housing scheme’s territory. The housing development is well-protected by walls and gates. To protect the inhabitants’ safety, CCTV cameras have been deployed throughout the housing society. Similarly, armed guards are constantly monitoring the housing society.


These primary Factors to Invest in Taj Residencia gave you all the necessary and compelling logical arguments for Taj Residencia investment. Therefore, if you select Taj Residencia as the living option, you will be making a wise decision that will provide you with a successful future and a luxurious lifestyle.

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