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Why students should focus on CBSE over state board education



The liberty to do things your way is a sign of progression in any government. However, some freedoms may come with repercussions years on. In India, states are allowed to formulate and run their operations independently. 

Education is one of these developed functions, and each state has its independent board that dictates the curriculum and syllabus. The variety in curricula leaves you at a crossroads in deciding which curriculum is best for your child. There is often a debate raging on whether to enrol your child in a CBSE board high school or a state board high school. To help you figure out what is best, here are the reasons why CBSE should be your primary focus.

  • CBSE is more acceptable internationally than state boards

As your child graduates from high school, you will be looking for admission to a university. Your child has a broader choice of universities to choose from as compared to a state board certificate. Your child can either enrol in a local university or explore other options abroad. For example, if you study in a CBSE school in Dubai, most of the universities within the emirate will allow admission as compared to those with a state board qualification.

  • Your child gets a more consistent education

One of the challenges you face when relocating is the continuity of your child’s education. Whether it is local relocation or overseas, finding a school that offers the same curricula can be difficult with a devolved education system. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the body in charge of India’s national education system. There are about twenty thousand three hundred schools within India and another two hundred and twenty-two in twenty-eight other countries. All the schools that offer this curriculum follow the same guiding principles that the board issues, regardless of their location. Therefore, having your child in a CBSE school is better if your job involves multiple relocations.

  • The CBSE curriculum is more dynamic as compared to state board curriculum

Each year the CBSE allows for new innovative ideas that embrace the global trend of education. An increasing number of CBSE schools now offer syllabi that include both extra and co-curricular activities. Your child can enrol in drama, art or any other specialised programmes as per their abilities. Adaptive learning is now the norm in a CBSE curriculum. Depending on the school student can benefit from personalised learning programs to suit their competencies. 

Furthermore, policies are implemented faster in CBSE schools as compared to state board schools. Given that one committee devises the policies in CBSE schools, it is much easier to get a shared decision as compared to multiple decisions across states.

  • CBSE schools are more diverse as compared to state board schools

There are tens of thousands of schools that affiliate to the CBSE as compared to state board schools. Having your child in any of the CBSE schools will expose them to other students from different backgrounds. The interaction with people from different cultures enhances their ability to think on a global level and makes them more tolerable to diverse societies.

Global and inclusive education are now a staple in the CBSE curriculum, and more schools are increasingly reviewing their admission policies. Global education refers to a more diverse syllabus that allows your child to learn about international events and interact with their peers from different locations. Inclusive education ensures that the same opportunities are made available to children regardless of their capabilities. Classrooms now feature a mix of both non-disabled and disabled children.

  • There is more after school support in CBSE schools as compared to state board schools

CBSE has been approved as a curriculum in over twenty-eight foreign countries. Given the cadre of the school, you may find more scholarship opportunities available for your child across different locations. Because the curriculum is available in multiple locations, your child can apply for a scholarship in the education city of their choice.

CBSE organises many competitions that pit all the affiliated schools against each other. Contests may cover areas such as sport, drama, music, and science. Sister schools can run collaborative projects between their students, allowing them to acquire knowledge beyond the classroom. The effect of this is a more holistic education for your child, unlike those in state board schools.

It is also easier to get a CBSE tutor for your child as compared to a state board tutor. In light of the pandemic, many families were stranded in different locations due to lockdowns. A CBSE student is at an advantage, as students can find a tutor in their locale.

In addition, CBSE students can better prepare for entrance exams such as the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), since they understand the workings of a centralised exam. 

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