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Why there is a necessity of kundli match in marriages?



Marriage can be a very turning point of anyone’s life. It is not about 2 people but their families as well. It is a relationship which brings two souls together and is a new beginning for both of them.

When it comes to Hindu marriage, one can get to see a lot of rituals that are taking place before and during the occasion. In the very early stage some rituals are followed and kundli matching for marriage is a very important ritual among them. There are many families who believe to decide their children’s marriage only after they match the detailed birth charts of both the possible bride and groom to see if they are compatible or not.

Here are some reasons why many people think kundli matching is important:

  • One of the major reasons why kundli is matched before marriage is that to get an assurance about the compatibility of two people who are going to be life partners. According to astrology, there are 36 gunas which are matched and then a conclusion is drawn about the compatibility of 2 people. There are different factors of life which are needed to be considered and it also indicates how the individual destinies and stars can affect each other. By matching kundli one can specify conjugal harmony.
  • When 2 people are going to unite for marriage then the movement of the planets on their birth charts not only affect their life but each other’s life as well. Hence to many it is necessary to match the kundli before marriage only to see the job prospects and financial stability as a couple after marriages.
  • There is another major concern when it comes to kundli matching. This is to check the happiness and health of the future children of the couple. There is a certain guna in the kundli which carries some good points and indicates the high chances of child birth and the security about them.
  • When someone is born there are positioning of the stars depending on the timing of their birth which is said to decide their fortune. In fact, the timing and the position of the stars also decide if there are any doshas in the person’s life. This can be detected during the time of kundli matching. When it gets detected the astrologer can advise on some rituals or wearing of a gemstone so that these problems can be overlooked.
  • Sometimes even if the kundlis are matching, the astrologer can go for a pooja to ensure a happy married life for the couples. Even if there are some doshas or mismatch found, they can be corrected with some poojas. Detailed analysis are done so that once two individuals get married, they can get a hassle free life ahead.

Horoscope matching for marriage is a very common thing which is followed in many Hindu families and in case of extreme cases of mismatch; marriages are called off as well. Such is the importance of it.

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