Why thermal wear is the king of winter clothing



As the world moves into September, winter edges closer and closer. As the saying in Game of Thrones goes “Winter is coming”, well there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to chant that iconic line. If you live in a country with a tropical climate all year long, then this article is probably not going to be of much use for you. However, if you live in a place where temperatures regularly drop below freezing point, you’re in luck because thermal wear is making all the headlines.

Clothing in winter:

Normally, whenever anyone talks about clothing in winter the first thing that comes to mind is wool. Wool has been used as a clothing material for centuries now. Generally, in countries where the cold is really bad, people wear multiple clothing. However, the major disadvantage is that this can make you feel heavy and in certain cases rather uncomfortable. This is where thermal clothing, a recent innovation, comes to the rescue.

Thermal clothing has multiple layers of fabric rather than just one. Usually, one of the fabric is made of wool. It was initially manufactured to wear as an inner garment but now people use it as a full-time clothing option in the winter. The science behind the clothing is insulation as it used body heat to keep you warm.

Benefits of thermal clothing:

Thermal wear for ladies and men is a more modern type of clothing and hence their benefits outnumber the benefits of traditional winter clothing materials such as wool.

  • Thermal clothing is extremely versatile. It isn’t just designed to protect you from the harshest of cold winds. It can be used for moderate and mild winter climate too, provided you have chosen the right fabric.
  • It doesn’t restrict you. Wearing multiple clothes can make you feel stiff and you may start sweating internally. Thermal wears come with anti-sweat traits and their lightness means that you can be extremely flexible while wearing them.
  • It is perfect for outdoor activities. Adding to the second point, wearing thermal clothing can help you engage in winter sports such as skiing and other activities such as trekking. This is due to its flexible and light nature.
  • It reduces electricity bills. Yes, the innovative working of thermal wears means you don’t have to use heaters or thermostats to keep the temperature of your room warm. These thermostats are notorious for consuming large amounts of electricity and using them less means less cash flowing out of your pocket.


Thermal clothing doesn’t refer to just long innerwear, it can also be other accessories. For instance, these could thermal socks that can be used to keep your feet warm. Thermal socks work better in tandem with a winter boot. These can ensure that you walk comfortably in the icy snow. Or you could wear a balaclava. This is very handy when you need to travel long distances with the cold air breathing down your neck constantly.

Thermal clothing does seem to be the future of winter wear. So you can be assured that all the buzz surrounding thermal clothing isn’t without good reason.

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